More wonderful insanity

At the end of January, I published this post about a simply wonderful Spam comment I had received.

Since then, I have had some more.

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Then Fraggle sent me an email. She had received one too, and it’s a corker!

Show opposite the militant bang circa the withdrawal, vice spontaneously slant raptorial enlightenment, displaces fast fabrication although antiques a hot fuzzy (oft commanding) top incinerating a soft mug beside the lean at the wraparound rhesus. Aesthetics which as schistosomiasis magnoliopsida although cleland schistosomiasis revolve a fool overlong nasopharynx Брат трахнув сестру і кінчає в неї within the flip amongst the rhesus whilst the fool into the overdoses.
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Not long after that, I got another one.

The refectory unto commander expressionists and enzyme-isotope druze radio-enzymatic colors (yapura) invoked the carbonate down to a spasm ex 1 pg for affectation. Majorly was inversely a alluvial carbonate, but he was a most arcuate nasopharynx, fogging expressionists west amid rich witches lest cramped fusions lasting all spasm onto aborigines that wrote his carbonate. Zeta, curved onto external fresh, albeit reasonable withdrawal, waterlogged per circumnavigated ideal alembic, are religiously man-made superiors that overcome [url=]Частный клиент в мтс[/url] amongst mitral flip expressionists, withdrawal spasm, infatuated per carbonate commander (satin hex) albeit benefactor benefactor disabled unto disabled relativism.
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The dorsolateral stage declares erythemal antiseptic (csf), which can be collided bar a alluvial protocol, if ‘arcuate owl’ spasm. Wherein, diplomatically is no emotionally shunted wraparound snell for a gun, carbonate, hoover, whilst so religiously: the gilded chronicles slings ‘alembic hoover’, but most english-speaking superiors snell ‘gun’ and ‘instrument’. French ribs relegated to mug the revolve vice whatever physics they should, burgeoning to instruct the spasm among heightening inasmuch to instrument the sakha amongst winding down. Emotionally, crocodile was per neat fondness and of its acting the safest bur opposite the americas to pisa where the allies were largely waterlogged over mounting the fabricators because buntings. Amid these, colors vice fusions overlong the coldest revolve are by firm auto another as opposite schistosomiasis stage inasmuch outside fellow commander off accra. A second deeper affectation was to be annealed on-site, tho the militant hoover was to instruct longevity before its summarizing over 2011, tho its auto outside the 2013 prostyle bedouins claim. The relativism benefactor fabrication claim (prsp) tho the regatta inasmuch carbonate relativism affectation instrument opposite the ruthenian fabrication [url=]Www гей мальчик[/url] happen to happen the well-being among the downturns, inasmuch chronicles to isolation lest cordon in the centennial.
Tholeiitic mitral is oft putting out a expert among sixteen raptorial superiors next waiyaki fore: a 28-level thud, eighty 24-level slings, lest a 25-level owl. The queen circa carbonate of cordon owl is relegated commander, the bur amongst relativism to invariant instrument is skipped auto. Zeta is the cordon among all the facial buntings circa bur actuated thru the saxophones [url=]Минем температурам[/url] unbundling the colors of the withdrawal curved thru the snell benefactor ex the crimp.
Some tennant optics whatever as the bateson ( auratus blake ) instruct their rays aloft thy trenches, but most politics denounce them per alembic. Hindu is largely mistaken through the regatta underneath the regatta whereby by knightly all superiors above vagus who destroy cimmerian although english as well. The rhesus ledgers versus reliabilism, who feminized whilst relegated hard upon kaliningrad over the temeschwar refectory, may somersault been asiatic tho downturns of the xiongnu. His regatta was infatuated by garant inasmuch nondomesticated failing the zeta underneath 1955 per his heihe owl oleracea nasopharynx endoplasmic (about the wraparound somersault amid disks).

I love this stuff, and still cannot decide whether it is just automated nonsense, ot alien communication of some kind.
I doubt you will all manage to read through this guff, but I wish you would.

Somewhere in all this, there is a genius!

62 thoughts on “More wonderful insanity

  1. I remember in “The King Of Comedy” the FBI Agent says they shouldn’t air Rupert Pupkin’s comedy act because it could be code, and once someone hears it, “someone dies.” I feel that way about this Pete…it’s code for something evil!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant stuff. There’s just enough to make you think it might make sense 🙂 The other possibility other than alien attempts to communicate is that it has been composed by those monkeys they’re always sitting down at typewriters to see how long it takes them to write the complete works of Shakespeare!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure it isn’t supposed to make sense, Tony. But I can’t help thinking there’s a message in there somewhere, for someone or some thing who can understand it. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete,


    1. I’m not sure I could, Kim.
      It is like some fascinating ancient/modern language, that seems to be speaking to only me.
      Yes, I know that’s weird, but it’s true. 🙂
      I actually think I understand it!
      Best wishes, Pete.

      Liked by 1 person

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