The ‘Weather Bluff’

It was very sunny this morning. That sun had some heat in it too. Enough for me not to have to put the central heating on.

At some points, the sky was actually blue. It almost convinced me that the bad times were over, and Spring had arrived in all its glory

But I wasn’t fooled for long.

By the time it came to take Ollie for his walk, it was clouding over. I grabbed my trusty umbrella, just in case.

Over on Hoe Rough, the mud was still deep and sitcky, though the afternoon stayed relatively warm. I trudged around with Ollie for the requisite couple of hours, not failing to notice that there was nobody else out walking their dog.

By home time, the clouds were gathering, and the temperature plummeting.

It is now almost 7 pm here, and the rain has started.

Nice try, Weather. But you didn’t fool me!

68 thoughts on “The ‘Weather Bluff’

    1. I already follow as many blogs as I can manage. When any of them stop blogging, I follow a new one in its place. So when that happens, I will follow you. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. you are so funny i love weather that is why i searched up your post i have three posts this is one the other ones are questeiongg and meteoroligistornado you can tell i love weather so i follow you every were i can find you on

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  2. (1) Helios is obsessed with central heating. He usually sets the temperature at 27,000,000Β° F (15,000,000Β° C).
    (2) Out in the cosmic boondocks, temperatures are apt to plummet. If they ever hit rock bottom at βˆ’459.67Β° F (βˆ’273.15Β° C), I suggest we cuddle up with our favorite furry pet.

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  3. As the rainiest winter in the History of Baghpat (India), we have been facing rains for the past 4 and half months. A couple of days if sun makes us believe we can put our sweaters in the trunk, only to pull it out on the third day along with rain coats. I blame it on reading to much of Pete.

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  4. A lot of weather changes in your day.
    Do you usually walk two hours with Ollie ?
    I walk Hank every day but only for about an hour.
    It was a nice sunny day here but cold.

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  5. I’m glad you got out. It’s funny. I had a daydream today that took me to Beetley. I imagined the hint of blue sky peeping out from behind gray ones. The air felt light and the promise of spring was ardent. Then the darkness resumed. Then it downpoured. Maybe it was an out-of-body-experience. I did feel sorry for you.

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  6. No rain here today, it was quite pleasant! Apparently a couple more days of this for us until Saturday when we are due the rain again. I shall make the most of it and finish up a roll of film tomorrow!

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  7. Know what you mean Pete. It’s been lovely here these past couple of days and I even got the washing dry on the line outside yesterday! It’s turned cold now, but we haven’t put our yellow Hi-viz suits away yet as they keep out the wind and the rain.

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