Guest Post: Ollie, Dad’s Dog

I have got to make this quick. Dad’s in the bath, and has left himself logged on.
I put my photo here so you will know it is me.

I need your help. You all have to write to Dad, and tell him stuff for meeeeeeeeeeeeee
(Sorry about that, not easy to use this with paws.)

Don’t let him know though, as he doesn’t know I can use spellcheck.

First, I would like to have two dog sausages at night. One just doesn’t hit the spot. I stand and stare at him, but he doesn’t seem to realise he should give me two.

And those dry pellets he puts in my bowl. How would he like to have to eat those every day, even with some slices of chicken on top?

Tell him to give me just the chicken, and a lot more of it.

Now I admit that I have a lot of toys, but some more new ones would be nice. Why don’t you suggest that he gets me new toys? Don’t mention I asked though.

I am always a good boy, and keep out the way when Dad is eating his dinner. But when he is having some biscuits later on, I reckon he should give me more than one. He says that I have already had my Bonio Biscuit, but that’s not as nice as a tasty digestive is it?

Say something about my walks too. Dad seems to hate the mud, and when it is bad, he only stays out with me for two hours. Why don’t you tell him to make it four or five hours? It’s all right for him to come home and type in the office or watch the TV, but all I can do is go to sleep. I would like to stay out all day, until it is time for my dinner.

Tell him that please.

If I get the chance, I will let you know if it has worked!

Love, Ollie. xx

100 thoughts on “Guest Post: Ollie, Dad’s Dog

  1. Hello darling Ollie, it worked so well! Just in case you don’t get enough sausages, chicken and biscuitstge two of us will have to work something out. Give me a shout and I’ll take care of the matter with a personal delivery – after Covid 19.
    Well done on you.
    Hugs πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  2. Hello there Ollie. I thought I was the only one who liked reading blogs. My mommy sneaks me meat treats when no one else is home. I have trained her to give me a baby carrot almost every time she goes to the big silver box. I have a whole bucket of toys that I love to play with. But I have to agree that new ones are always welcome. The tennis balls are fun to chase because they go so far. But my favorites are anything that squeaks. I am not allowed on the inside furniture, but I did convince them I need lots of dog beds. I have 6 in this house. After all I need my furniture just like they need theirs. I will try to tell my people to talk to your people so you can have more toys and time outside. Sniffs, Annie.

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    1. Carrots? Yuk! I only have two beds, one in the house where I sleep, and one in my car for trips. Balls can get boring, give me a nice stuffed bear or lion every time. Anyway, it is nice to meet you, Annie. Sorry you are too far away for sniffs, but here’s a tail wag.
      Ollie. x

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  3. Hi Ollie, I think you should persuade your dad to take you out to visit another man & his dog. You can find out about them here

    Your dad might like the poem below which was written by the sculptor Ray Lonsdale (but you will probably a run in the seaside air):

    Days of wonder then petty insecurities,
    Followed by swagger and poise and missed opportunities,
    Then down the other side on polished runner,
    Faster and further from invincible summer,
    Crashing through the brief autumn blaze,
    As you scream from sunrise to sunset days.
    Then for the dog who couldn’t give a jot about the sunset
    β€˜Sunset for the Common Dog’
    Kick the ball, kick the ball,
    Kick the ball,
    Go on KICK THE BALL.

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    1. I tried to get him to take me to see that, but he says that the Solway Firth is a long way to go in my car, and I will have to settle for being chauffered around in Norfolk instead.
      I appreciate the help though, and send tail wags from Ollie’s house.
      Ollie. x

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  4. Hey Pete! Ollie, the wonder dog, appealed. More chicken, more sausage, no dry pellets, and longer walks… If nothing else, give him laptop. His writing style is a lot cuter than yours. 😁😁😁 Give him a peck on the cheek and a belly rub for me.

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  5. Poor you Ollie. I get between 4 and 6 walks every day, but they’re not very long as I’m old and get tired quick. I sleep a lot during the day anyway, and at night snuggle up on the big bed with a fluffy blanket they put there just for me. I’m not allowed up there unless it’s in place though. I’ve got four toys, my babies, but I look after them rather than play with them. Guess that’s a girl thing maybe.
    Food is dry chunks of something they say is chicken, but it’s great when Mum adds REAL chicken and stock to some in a separate dish, or maybe minced beef, or pork and I get rice too! I have a scrambled egg every day for my breakfast and lately corned beef is mixed in because I’ve had to take medication. They think I don’t know, but I can smell them pills.
    I get loads of biscuits…….. I hide them so they think they’ve forgotten me hehe, and those gingery things dipped in Dad’s tea are divine.
    Lucky you getting dog sausages. I used to have those but the last one upset my tummy badly so I’m not allowed them anymore. Maybe that’s why you’re only allowed one.
    Your Dad loves and looks after you though yeah? Looks like it ‘cos you’re a handsome dog. Love Maggie (aged 15 human years)

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    1. Thanks, Maggie. Sorry you are old. I’m only 8, but that’s a lot for a Sharpei, so probably as old as you.
      Lucky you, getting on the bed. I am sometimes allowed to lie down next to the bed, but only if Dad is ill. If you have a bad tummy, can I have the sausages you didn’t eat?
      Wags and sniffs. Ollie. x

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      1. Of course! I am sending them by proxy! Next time we go to the pet shop, I’ll pilfer one just for you, though they moved them up a shelf so that I can’t reach now. My Mum always took two to the counter and paid for three.

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  6. Ollie, you are such a beautiful boy and so very smart to get onto your dad’s computer.
    You made me smile, Ollie πŸ™‚
    I wish you happy days with your dad as you take those walks together. I see my boy Hank (he’s a golden retriever and loves the mud too) is looking over my shoulder as I write this and I had better get off as I think he can read and now he is probably thinking, “yeah mom, I want longer walks too and never mind the mud as you know I love the mud!”
    Oh dear, what have you started, Ollie ? πŸ™‚

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  7. We will pass on your requests as best we can Ollie. Even though you are a dog we feel we are kindred spirits wit you. We also understand that humans sometimes need encouragement to do the right thing by. Please let Sue know we would each like our own can of Fancy Feast in the morning rather than splitting 1 can between us which seems rather cheap. Thanks in advance. Tiger & Benji 🐱🐈

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  8. Alright, youi dear, precious sweet little canine child … I will speak to “Dad.” I am sure that he does what he thinks is best for you…. but I will speak to him anyway ….I know he loves you very much and wants only the best for you …. I know that a kitten might not be the best choice for a new toy for you but how about a nice, personable chicken?

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  9. They used to tell us that you could leave that dried kibble down all day and the dogs would only eat it if they were hungry. (That might work with one dog. It certainly didn’t work with three!)
    Has it occurred to you why this works (sometimes)? It’s because the dog doesn’t like it.
    There’s a good raw dog food supplier not far from you. My girls love the stuff (currently ten months old and sixteen-and-a-half years). It costs a bit more but he’s an old dog. He deserves real food.

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    1. Thanks, Cathy. The dry pellets are bought because they contain things to help with Ollie’s over-sensitive skin problems. He also gets sliced beef or chicken with them, but I agree he doesn’t actually enjoy eating them on their own. By all means send me a link to that food suplier you mention.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  10. Well, now you’ve read the dog’s demands what are you going to do about them? Two sausages doesn’t seem excessive or a bit of a digestive (non-chocolate). I do know he got a new toy recently on his birthday but maybe that seems a long time ago to Ollie! I do feel four or five hours tramping through mud, usually in the rain, is a tad excessive, though.

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      1. Hey no problem.
        Bubba here!
        I always sneak round when mom is in the bath, or making coffee, or cooking, especially cooking, because she never gives me anything off the stove hardly ever! I think humans think they must starve us.

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