Blogging, and Coronavirus

As this new dangerous virus sweeps around the world, one good thing about staying at home more is that we can all spare some time to keep blogging. Some bloggers live alone, and their online community is very important to them. In some cases, it might be the only regular human interaction they enjoy.

But even as we isolate, let’s not forget those less fortunate. Reach out to fellow bloggers, and find out of any of them live nearby. Near enough that you might be able to help them, if needed. Without physical contact, we can still help each other. Perhaps get some extra groceries, and drop them off outside. Payment is easy to arrange through Paypal, after all.

Or maybe we can all just try that little bit harder to read and comment on the posts of our friends in this wonderful WordPress community. Let them know someone is reading, listening, and thinking about them too.

As anyone who has been blogging for over a year will be aware, bloggers are essentially kind and caring people, with a great sense of community. Many of us regard our blogging friends as real genuine friends. We worry about them when they are absent, and get to know a great deal about them over the years of following and being followed.

Unlike those selfish panic-buyers and hoarders, we can show the world that bloggers are genuinely caring and supportive. Yes we have to make sure us and our families are safe. But once we have done that, spare some thought, and time, to keep in touch with our online friends too.

I send everyone my best wishes, and my hope that none of you fall victim to this pandemic.

130 thoughts on “Blogging, and Coronavirus

  1. These are excellent thoughts. I’ve definitely come to realize and appreciate myself over time how much blogging is indeed a community, and how much we do (and should continue to) support each other during these times. I hope you are well.

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  2. I just started blogging about all this. I was constantly posting in Facebook and someone suggested it. I’m a CCU nurse and it can be so overwhelming already. Writing is such a good outlet, even if few people see it. Hope everyone is staying healthy.

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    1. Good to see someone actually reporting what’s going on from the nursing perspective. I was an EMT in London for 22 years, and there has been so much rubbish written about the handling of the virus. Keep up the good work. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. This explanation was written by a doctor in the Midlands in England and elaborates on why some people get mild symptoms while others become critically ill:

    It’s also got a lot of helpful advice for families that are self-isolating.

    I’ve been following all the news, updates and advice, but no one has really been focusing on viral load, which is strange because it makes an awful lot of sense.

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