A New Blogger: Karla Harris

American blogger Karla has sent me a link to her blog and her poem.
Something to think about in these troubled times.

Out of Touch

Here is her own bio.

To best describe me, I’ll start with the basics. Born and raised in S.W. Missouri, I was fortunate to attend the same school for all 13 years. As a youngster I dreamed of being a teacher~and a Mom. Fresh out of college, I became both. Headstrong on completing every goal in front of me, I put the “pedal to the metal” on my career. Teaching and motherhood defined me. The truths learned under steeples, coupled with the great outdoors, have guided me most of my life. The river of life has had its share of rapids. Tossed about at times, I always tried to lean on lessons learned. What kept me floating was pure faith~even when I tipped my own canoe over many times~and felt like drowning.

And now, as I approach my half-century mark, there is more clarity on why living in the “unknown” is a period of growth. This is a beautiful period for me to walk hand-in-hand with my heavenly Papa as he shows me future paths. Trails that will be shared with my own grown children, grandchildren, other family members, and the simple souls I meet on this journey. And it’s through my writing, and connecting with others, that I’ll meet my most authentic self in the mirror each day. And hopefully, encourage others as we tread forward.

Please take time to visit her blog, to share your thoughts and give her some encouragement.

24 thoughts on “A New Blogger: Karla Harris

  1. I was also born in Southwest Missouri (Springfield), and spent my early childhood there. However, from the 5th Grade through age 40, I mostly lived in the Kansas City area. So I’m interested in reading Karla’s blog.

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