Self-Isolated Blogging: An offer

With doom and gloom all over the news, and a lot of very worried people unable to get out even to go to work and socialise, I am trying to think of something positive to offer via the platform of blogging. Facebook and Twitter can be a diversion, but they are also sadly also packed with negatives, scams, and sometimes downright meanness and offensive remarks.

So, back to blogging. Here is my offer, which is of course completely free, and has no catches.

(To contact me for any of these, use )

Guest Posts.
If you are writing more than usual and hoping to reach a new community or a wider audience, send me a guest post to be published here.
Under 2000 words please, with a short personal bio, and a link to your site.

Book Promotions.
Many people may now have more time to read, so if you want to promote your book on my blog, then send me an email.
Include a cover photo, a short synopsis, and any links to free offers for the book, or sales links.

First time bloggers.
Now is the ideal time to start that blog you always thought about, but never had the chance to get around to. If you are a new blogger, I can help.
Send me a link to your new blog, and the first post. I will put up a post here and include those links.
***Remember*** if you are just trying to sell something, or spam anyone, it will not be posted, and will be spammed by me.
Genuine bloggers only will be featured.

Blogging help and advice.
If you have just started out, and are finding it all confusing, wondering about tags, media, categories, and so on then contact me.
I will do my best to help, and if I can’t, I will ask the whole community if anyone can assist. Also, you might like an outsider’s opinion on your blog.
If that is the case, then send me a link and I will look through your blog to hopefully offer tips.

Blogging is a safe and rewarding way to communicate during this time of social isolation. It can make you feel connected, help dispel panic and fear, and hopefully settle your mind.

It looks like this will go on and on, possibly well into next year. So my offer is not time-limited.

124 thoughts on “Self-Isolated Blogging: An offer

    1. That’s fine, Saroona, I will be happy to host a guest post for you. 🙂
      Just send me your guest post as an email, not an MS Word document, to
      Keep it under 2,000 words, and perhaps add a short bio about you.
      Any photos or images should be sent separately to that same email address.
      Best wishes, Pete.


                    1. Okay! I have found you, followed you, and now received a message that you are following me! A success…x (I won’t be around much there, so please forgive me in advance)


                    2. Its ok … I’ll not complain, I’m surrounded by a lot of fake people on social media, im happy that now I’ll have atleast one person with pure and kind heart and soul.

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  1. Hello Pete, a great Idea and I really like to cooperate. But i´m relatively new in the blogosphere and i would like to know, how it works..

    First Question: I´m writing in German. What About Translation?
    Second Question: How can i send You a Guest-Post?
    How can i r-Blog one of your Posts?

    Thanks for Help

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    1. Thanks for replying to my offer.
      1) Type your content in German into Google Translate. Then copy and paste that onto an email, and send it to me. I will tidy up any mistakes it makes. (When I look at your blog from here, Google Chrome automatically offers too translate it for me, but you won’t see that, as the blog owner)
      2) Send the translated guest post to me at
      3) Near the ‘Like’ button on any of my posts, you will find a ‘Reblog’ button. Clck on that, and it will offer you the cahnce to also comment on the reblog. Press ‘Reblog Post’, and it will appear on your blog.
      Good luck, and let me know if it works. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

      Vielen Dank für die Beantwortung meines Angebots.
      1) Geben Sie Ihre Inhalte in Deutsch in Google Translate ein. Kopieren Sie das dann, fügen Sie es in eine E-Mail ein und senden Sie es mir. Ich werde alle Fehler aufräumen, die es macht. (Wenn ich mir Ihr Blog von hier aus ansehe, bietet Google Chrome automatisch an, es für mich zu übersetzen, aber das wird Ihnen als Blogbesitzer nicht angezeigt.)
      2) Senden Sie mir den übersetzten Gastbeitrag an
      3) In der Nähe der Schaltfläche “Gefällt mir” in einem meiner Beiträge befindet sich eine Schaltfläche “Reblog”. Klicken Sie darauf, und es bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, auch das Rätsel zu kommentieren. Drücken Sie auf “Reblog Post” und es wird in Ihrem Blog angezeigt.
      Viel Glück und lassen Sie mich wissen, ob es funktioniert. 🙂 🙂
      Beste Grüße, Pete.

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          1. Hello Pete, the Post we talked About is now in German and in English The Translation was made by my son who is an english-Teacher. Have a look and Re-Blog if you like. Please Contact me if i can do something for you! Perhabs I could re-blog Articles related to my Topic which is “Creative Writing” Sincerely Dirk

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  2. I echo the sentiments on ‘starting your own blog’ if nothing other to discover like minded ‘flock’ to fly with during isolation times’ – – c’mon in and introduce yourself to the ‘community’ here! :). Long time and Popular bloggers may not get to you instantly, BUT, feel here is a forum in which you can better connect with others, globally, share your own experience/life won experience/wisdom AND, in the end, may just be the forum where you ‘discover’ that unique part of you that is so needed by so many in the world just now – ” – :). Great Post/Invite/Opportunities to share with others, Pete! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Sue. I still have a few saved, and will get to the photo prompt stories again once the serial has concluded. (I have one idea based on your ‘abandoned/derelict town’ photo)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Pete.. you are a true human being in a crisis. 🙂 An excellent idea as you have a large following of many like souls who are just trying to make it in the world. This will serve to be a place where people can vent and show empathy and be happy.. and simply exist with each other. Nice idea. I’ll be looking forward to learn about the feelings of other folks as we share this mess together. .

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    1. Thanks, Doug. I can’t do much to help outside, so will continue to do what I can to promote communication, and to hopefully reduce fear and panic.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. So kind and generous of you. Wishing everyone in our blogging community good health and as much inner peace as possible during these strange and trying and, yes, frightening times. I’m trying to keep my posts positive. I do admit that concentration has been harder in the last week, and that I’ve had to keep my goals very simple.

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  5. That’s very generous, Pete. A friend of mine has emailed to say he’s thinking of starting a blog and what can I tell him to guide him through the WordPress minefield. I’ve told him it’s far less complicated than he imagines and encouraged him to go for it. He is a photographer and poet (mainly short form like Haiku) and I know it will be a wonderful blog – if he gets it up and running. I’ll send him the link to this post which might add give some added encouragement.

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  6. This is a very generous offer, Pete, and a good way for your readers to focus a bit more on the positive. Thanks! I will share this blog post and send you an idea as a contribution to your efforts here.

    All the best from this tiny Caribbean island where we have decided to stay on and self-isolate for the duration …

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  7. Reblogged this on Schreiben als Hobby and commented:
    Wieder ein wundervoller Gedanke, den ich gerne weiterbloggen möchte.
    Beetleypete hat recht, wir sollten die Zeit nutzen und das Beste draus machen.
    Again a wonderful thought that I would like to continue blogging.
    Beetleypete is right, we should use the time and make the best of it.

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  8. I really am worried about the world. My city is reporting cases faster than any other city in India. I just got quarantined by my parents and family members as I am the most vulnerable member in my family because I had cancer in my childhood and also because my immunity is the size of a peanut😏🙄. I would like to do a guest post as I am coming back after a long time and my stats are way too low, I gotta boast up. I will contact you soon. I hope you n your family are ok. 😊✌

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