Featured Blogger: Jon Risdon

I am very pleased to help to promote the book of one of our community bloggers, Jon Risdon. It is a biography of his great-uncle, Wilfred Risdon.

Here is Jon’s information about the book.

Black Shirt and Smoking Beagles is the biography of my grand uncle, Wilfred Risdon, who reached the pinnacle of his career as Secretary of the National Anti-Vivisection Society in London, England. He had worked tirelessly to educate people of the fallacious and unnecessary nature of animal experimentation since just before the second world war, using his well-honed talents as a political organiser, a career that was interrupted in 1940 by his incarceration for three months under the hastily-enacted and politically motivated Defence Regulation 18B, a blunt instrument intended to prevent potential ‘fifth columnists’ presenting a danger to an embattled country apparently facing invasion by bloodthirsty Nazi hordes. Despite his close association with Sir Oswald Mosley, which began as far back as 1924, he was a lifelong socialist, but because he was also a deeply religious patriot, he saw no conflict in also supporting a nationalist cause. This book describes Wilfred Risdon’s life & career with a wealth of supporting reference material, and examines a political ethos that all too often is simply whitewashed out of existence or brushed under the carpet: the fundamental underlying economic imperative is especially important today.

This is a link to where you can buy the book.
(Please note, that this is a safe site, despite browser warnings you may see)

If you don’t think this is your kind of book, then why not visit Jon’s main blog, and show him some encouragement.
Here’s a link to that.

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