New London ‘Death Camp’ will be ready soon

Reblogging this from my other political blog because I think it is important for more people to see it.


Much has been made of the fact that the government is rushing to convert an existing conference and entertainment venue into a new ‘Hospital’. They are working hard in East London’s Excel Centre to create two ‘wards’ that will each accommodate 2,000 people. They have even given it a nice name, ‘The Nightingale Hospital’.

Does that sound good to you? Well it doesn’t to me.

I would like to know how they expect to treat 4,000 people lined up together in a massive space that is one kilometre long. How will they keep them apart at a safe distance? Will there be respirators for those needing life support? (Unlikely) Where will they find the doctors and nursing staff to treat them? (Answer, The Military)

So what we have here is a place where those who are expected to die are going to be sent to, to do just that. In…

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44 thoughts on “New London ‘Death Camp’ will be ready soon

  1. Sounds very horrible.If we will get something too, i think i can aspect a “Call to action” by our military authorities. During our service we were tought about, but i never thought this really could happen sometimes.

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    1. Two more being prepared next week. One in Birmingham, and another in Manchester. More death camps being made ready for those ‘ordinary people’.
      Meanwhile, Prince Charles has flown to Balmoral, a castle in Scotland.
      Best ishes, Pete.

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  2. In The United States — because of shortages of respirators and other essential equipment to deal with coronavirus, doctors are already making the “Heartbreaking” decisions about who will live and who will die based on their professional estimates of the person’s chances for living a long and productive life. So I am thinking this will mean the death of many senior citizens and possibly even some physically or mentally handicapped folks as well. Is the beginning of One World Order or is this an inevitable result of unpreparedness to deal with the pandemic?

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    1. Thanks, John. Yes, I expected this sort of thing to happen as no country was really prepared for the current situation. I just object to them dressing it up as if it is some sort of new hospital, instead of what it really is. Segregation of the afflicted.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Coincidentally, the CEO of the LAS was on the local news here, saying that he’s asking all people who have ever worked for the LAS to come back.

    Get you boots on, Pete, and kiss your loved ones goodbye! Your ambulance service needs you!

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    1. Well, I wouldn’t have to carry the trolley bed up the back steps anymore, they have a hoist! They don’t know they’re born, Ian.
      I would go back as a union rep though. 🙂
      Cheers, Pete.

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    1. Looks like Dyson is cashing in, thanks to his old cronies. Selling ventilators he hasn’t even made yet. Let’s hope he throws in a few of his overpriced hairdriers for the nurses too.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. It is a dilemma of where to house the ill when there are going to be so many ill. I quite frankly do not know which of the many approaches to temporary “hospital space” I would take. Stay well and healthy, everyone. Warmest regards, Theo

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  5. Hi Pete. Nightingale “Hospital” indeed. Sounds more like Nightingale Hospice! If the military are running the show you can expect the dying to be close together, each “separated by a sheet hanging between each bed, In case someone coughs.

    Stay out of there and Besties from Florida.


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