Mythaxis Magazine: Spring Edition


The print edition of Mythaxis Review Magazine will be available to buy from Amazon in the next few days.

As you can see from the cover, it contains reviews from me, so think of this as blatant self-promotion!

I confess that seeing my name on the cover of any publication does make me feel very good, and makes all my hard work trying to write worthwhile.

By choice, I don’t make any money from doing this, but would of course be immensely pleased if anyone decided to buy a copy.

28 thoughts on “Mythaxis Magazine: Spring Edition

  1. Hello sir, can I get an autograph?? I mean you are a star blogger now. So can I just get one autograph?? Please, sir!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS PETEY😍😍❀❀❀ may you succeed more. 😊✌✌❀

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  2. I’m curious as to what reviews you wrote. I can certainly appreciate the sense of pride you must feel. And I envy that feeling, because I think having one’s name appear on the cover of a magazine published by an editor who screens submissions is far more impressive than having one’s name appear on a self-published book.

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