How Good Is Blogging?

Well, the answer is, of course, ‘Very good’.

This recent crisis has shown just how valuable blogging can be.

Bored during ‘lockdown’? Write stuff on your blog.
Want to know what is happening in other countries? Bloggers will tell you.
Need information about Covid-19? The blogs are full of useful info and tips.
Want to keep in contact when you are self-isolated? Bloggers rule at that. Communication, friendship, and companionship too.

Blogging has risen to the recent crisis like nothing else could. Sympathy, empathy, and just plain friendship. It is all out there, on the blogs.

Free books, stories to read on blogs, photos to admire, other cultures to appreciate. All just a few clicks away.

Thanks to all my blogging friends, I could never feel lonely, alone, unappreciated, or lacking in concern.

The blogging community is like a family, pulling together in the worst of times. Asking for nothing, giving generously, and offering an ear for listening, or a shoulder to cry on.

Blogging is the best, and now is the best time ever for you to start your own blog. We will help you, offer advice and tips, and welcome you to our world.

Use your time at home productively. Start a blog. Tell us about yourself.

You will be so pleased that you did.

80 thoughts on “How Good Is Blogging?

  1. even though I am sick but I am still answering comments because I miss writing and talking to my buddies. Blogging is great and awesome. 😍😍 thanks for this amazing blog post.😊✌❀❀

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  2. I have also noticed an increase in posts, Pete. I am struggling to keep up with so many new email notifications every day. It is a great way to stay in touch and see what is really happening out there. I am not sure all governments are being honest about this disease.

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  3. so very true, Pete! thank God for my blogging family. the sense of belonging is very much appreciated more than ever. thank you and let us keep connected. stay safe πŸ™‚

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  4. I’ve had bloggers coming back to their websites because now they have the time. People need to socialize – can you just imagine how crowded restaurants are going to be when this is over?!!!

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  5. I would never cope in my life, with my life as it is, which is very isolated, without blogging. And even more so during this pandemic. I am so grateful to all thenpeople who come to my blog who keep me company with their comments, and who visit me regularly, it has made all the difference to my life. Thankyou especially to you Pete. And Hope sends love to Ollie too. Xxx

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      1. My Mum was telling me last night she suspects he had already been treated for a couple of weeks when the diagnosis was made public. A Minister here recovered fairly quickly too but is in 40s. Seems to affect people differently which kind of makes it scarier. What if you’re at the bad end of the spectrum? Hmm.

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  6. β€œThanks to all my blogging friends, I could never feel lonely, alone, unappreciated, or lacking in concern.”….I completely agree, Pete! Blogging, and my video calls to friends are what keep me sane!

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  7. Pete, I couldn’t agree with you more on it. I have been blogging for years under different names and along the way I’ve made some good friends. Blogging – now more than ever has become a great platform to reach out, stay connected and remain hopeful.

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