Computer Failures

My PC has stopped operating properly. Despite reboots, and all the usual troubleshooting, it is constantly crashing.

As a result, I am posting this from my tablet, to let you know that I have no idea when I will be posting regularly again, and I am currently unable to answer comments, or read your posts.

I cannot tolerate the annoying keypad of this tablet for long, or the slower speed of wi-fi.

I will let you know if and when I get it working.

Best wishes, Pete.

60 thoughts on “Computer Failures

  1. The internet and the computer are essential for me. Forget all other technology, just let me access the world virtually with my computer. I bet you feel similarly since you’re the most prolific blogger I know.

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  2. Pete, my iWatch has just decided to have a battery drain in 4 hours versus the usual 15-16…nothign has changed except its decision to stop functioning properly. Electronics are funny that way…except not funny at all

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  3. Take it out back and put the damn thing out of its misery. I know how much pleasure your PC gives you. The power or Internet goes out for a time, and I’m a basket case.

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        1. An updated version of what I have now. I didn’t want to spend Β£500 at the moment really, but it had to be done! πŸ™‚
          (Of course, as soon as I pressed ‘Purchase’, this one started working okay!)
          Best wishes, Pete.

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