Update: Computer

Further to my previous post, I have managed to get my PC working. But it is definitely temperamental, and feels as if it might just die at any moment.

As a result I have ordered a new one, to be delivered next week.

Meanwhile, I will soldier on with what I can do on this one.

Thanks to everyone who offered help and advice.

53 thoughts on “Update: Computer

  1. It’s interesting how “older” computers suddenly don’t work right….from a business that makes money by selling you newer, updated hardware. I love when suddenly my computer isn’t strong enough for the newest software – REALLY?

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  2. Good luck with the new computer, Pete. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the old one will keep going till then.
    Take care, and stay healthy,
    P.S.: And I hope it won’t be too much of a hassle to migrate all programmes and data to the new one.

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    1. I have copied all my ‘stuff’ onto a portable hard drive today, Pit. All I have to do now is hope I can get to grips with Windows 10, and get everything up and running when it arrives.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I never had any difficulties to use Windows 10 [pre-installed] on my laptop. But then, I was used to Windows 8.1 [which already has some of the features] on my desktop [where I’m using it still.
        All the best,

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  3. Hi Pete. I worked my gigantic old desktop, hooked up to cables (no WIFI!) running Windows XP until it died. The tower, separate screen and keyboard, printer and speakers along with all of the wiring is sitting in the garage. I pass it now, smile and shake my head. What was once so state of the art is now a museum piece or soon will be.

    Best of luck with the new toy!

    Regards from Florida

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    1. Thanks, Frank. I have a new Windows 10 laptop sitting in a cupboard behind me, and a tablet on the desk next to me. But I am more comfortable with a PC, so sticking with the old dinosaur (and cables) for the time being. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. I know you would. We just bought a new iPad as mine are acting up. Cost over Β£500 but in my position it is my only conbection with the world so wirth it. Thank God we had enough money – just! Lol xx

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