Six comments I have left this morning have not appeared.
I might be in ‘Spam Jail’ again.
Please check your folders, and let me out on bail.

I have really had enough this week, to be honest. Keyboard malfunctions, PC crashes, and now this.

Fed up! Seriously.

(Mary, Fraggle, Nicholas, Lara, Rachel, Wilma, Roland, and others)

Seems to be on .org, .com, and self-hosted sites. WP sites appear to be getting through.

34 thoughts on “Comments

  1. You are the WordPress quality control specialist, Pete.😎 I have had very few problems in the year I’ve been blogging, but recently I have encountered a strange one. For some reason, on about half of the sites I follow, I can no longer “like” the posts. As with most things in technology, there doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason. Knowing that you have encountered just about every issue, I wonder how you’ve addressed this one? Does it mysteriously go away on its own?

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    1. John Rieber in California had the same issue for some time. Of all the glitches I have suffered, that one has eluded me so far. Or i have eluded it. 🙂

      Contact WP by doing this.

      On your admin page, scroll to the very end.
      There you will see ‘Help and Support’ on the very bottom line.
      Hit that, and you get a query box.
      Type in ‘Unable to like posts’
      The next box gives you possible answers.
      Select ‘Comment Likes’.
      Scroll down to the end, and select, ‘Not Quite What You’re Looking For? Get Help.’
      In the next box outline your problem, and it will be added to the forum.
      If nobody replies, someone from WP will contact you on your email within 24-36 hours.
      It sounds long-winded, but it’s just a few clicks, and fast to do.

      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. 🙂 Hi, Pete. If you are getting through with the regular, you are not in “Spam Jail.”

    It could be a technical issue.

    Sometimes, the self-hosted version of WordPress does not play nicely with us on our end.

    In the meantime, you can try leaving comments via the usage of another web browser or computer.

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