New computer

The new PC tower has just arrived.

I am going to devote tomorrow to setting it up. I just realised how many other things I need to do. All the passwords to everything that are automatically saved on here. Bookmarked sites, and favourites too. And the various programmes like antivirus I already have set up on this one. Been writing down a lot of stuff in a notebook, and have also backed up the photos and documents onto a portable hard drive.

Fingers crossed I don’t end up throwing it through the window!

If I am not around for a while after today, you will know why.

(And of course, this old PC has decided to work perfectly well now!)

53 thoughts on “New computer

                1. He gets excited hearing dogs on the TV, but he doesn’t seem to recognise dogs on the screen. He looks around the back, to see if the noise is coming from behind. πŸ™‚
                  Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. I hope you’re feeling much better now, Pete, and that the setup doesn’t provide unneeded aggravation. (as opposed to needed aggravation?)🀣

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  2. “If I am not around for a while after today, you will know why.” We will surmise it threw you through the window.

    “(And of course, this old PC has decided to work perfectly well now!)” I have adopted the practice of putting off as long as possible setting up new machines. Especially when the old one decides to work properly. Keep using the old one until it things it can give up functioning again.

    I use thumb drives as well as external drives to store things on rather than on the computer itself. They are cheap and that was I can have a backup as well as a working set of files.

    In any event, good luck. Warmest regards, Theo

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        1. You just open this in one window, then open your photos folders and slide them across to copy onto it. Even I managed that! (Okay, a friend phoned me, and talked me through it… πŸ™‚ )

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          1. My problem was I had so many billions of photos that I was trying to edit out the extras as I went along, and then save them onto thumb drives all of which were way too small… all that sorting and moving gave me ‘tennis elbow!’ But you’re saying with this new portable hard drive, you just save off the photos you want as you go along and it’s got great capacity so it’s easy! That’s what I need. (I also need to take and save fewer pictures, but that’s a whole different matter!)

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            1. They are not a new idea, but well-proven and very reliable. I just add each new photo file as I go, copying it from the main computer. Now I am getting rid of this old PC, it has proved to be worth its weight in gold to have them saved on the Buffalo. You can get them in bigger capacities of course, I just got the 500 GB as it is all I will need for a long time. Other companies make them, like Western Digital, and Passport. All are available through Amazon here. You would be surprised how small it is.

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