So Far, So Good

Well who would have thought it? New PC up and running in around thirty minutes, and thanks to Google Sync, all my usual stuff is on here automatically, just by signing in to my email.

Other stuff like disk defrag and antivirus also loaded really fast, thanks to the SSD, presumably. I still have a few bits and pieces to sort out. I have to try to find my Adobe Photoshop CD and see if I can still use it, so no new photos for a while. I am not using the Microsoft search engine or the dreadful Macafee antivirus, but everything else seems to be operating much the same as yesterday, albeit faster.

I gave my desk a good clean, and now have to sort through all the paperwork that I tend to ‘file’ under the monitor screen. Have yet to test the printer, but as that is also Hewlett-Packard, I am hoping it will recognise that. It allowed my keyboard to work, though the ‘W’ is still temperamental, so that particular glitch must be an ongoing keyboard issue.

The end result is that my mood is much improved, simply by not having any serious tech issues to contend with this morning.

All being well, my serial should continue later today, and I hope to be back in business completely by bedtime.

62 thoughts on “So Far, So Good

    1. Thanks, dear Cindy. It was mainly down to that ‘single sign on’. When everything just ‘appeared’, it was like a magic trick. And the solid state drive is impressively fast. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete. x


    1. Having tech problems over a matter of some weeks does get me down, Julie. I am not that computer-savvy, and find struggling with an unreliable computer is depressing. So I have perked up considerably, as this one has actually worked. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. “who would have thought it” – here in Texas it would have been “who’d have thunk it”. πŸ˜‰
    I am glad, Pete, that things worked out so well for you. πŸ™‚ I’m also not using McAfee AV, nor the MS search engine. Nor the MS Explorer either.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll be happy with your new computer.
    Take care, and stay safe,

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  2. It’s frightening, isn’t it, just how much of one’s information is available at the drop of a password.
    It’s also rather wonderful when everything happens so much faster on a new computer. Enjoy!

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