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In 2014, I had a film review published on the website, A World Of Film. I wrote this post to advertise that fact, and I don’t think that many of you have seen it before. (Other than David Miller and Olga)
The film is about the early days of photography, and a harrassed housewife who uses a camera to escape the harsh realities of her existence. I was thinking about the film today, and how simply wonderful it is. One of the best films I have seen, in fact.
Please follow the link to read my review, which is illustrated with beautiful stills from the film. And also let me know if you have ever seen it.


I have just had another film review published on A World Of Film. Here is a link, for anyone interested in reading it.

Everlasting Moments (2008) – Jan Troell (Pete Johnson)

Best wishes to you all. Pete.

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36 thoughts on “Film Review

  1. It beats me why I can only like your posts in the reader and not on the website, Pete. Brilliant review of a film I can’t wait to get. Thank you for putting my nose on this one! 🙂
    Wishing the three of you a lovely evening. x

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    1. I have done that. Got a shelf full of DVds in wrappers. But you would love this! The photography element, and a female photographer. It is made for you, honestly. Watch it in ‘lockdown’. It will make you feel happy.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Bravo, Pete. A wonderful review. I haven’t seen the film, but–thanks to your lovely review–I want to, though I’m sure that I will be frustrated with the attitudes and limitations placed on women at the time. Sad that it couldn’t have the desired ending, but it also makes the film all the more powerful because of the realism.

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      1. I have cousins who are Swedish, so enjoy the langauge and know a tiny bit of it myself–well, mostly words having to do with bread and butter and things they used to sell in their vegetarian cafe when I helped them one time. I may get to the film. Thank you for the recommendation.

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