Some Scandinavian Films

A reblog of a post from 2013 that not many of you will have seen. I recommend some foreign language films from the Scandinavian countries. With trailers.


I may be taking liberties with what is officially Scandinavia here, as I have included a film from Finland, which is not normally included in this region. As they say in America, ‘so sue me’. Sweden has a claim to the crown of Scandinavian Cinema to some degree, as the home of the critically-acclaimed, and much-loved director, Ingmar Bergman. Accordingly, I have decided not to include any of his films. Two of the choices are films set during a war, again reflecting my own love of war films, but also to show conflict from a different theatre of war, making a refreshing change.

Ofelas. Not to be confused with the later film, ‘Pathfinder’, a poor remake, this Norwegian film from 1987, is little known, despite an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. It was shot in the Finnmark region of Norway, part of what is generally known as Lapland, and…

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20 thoughts on “Some Scandinavian Films

  1. Same here, Pete. I’m sorry, can’t leave a like or comment on the link.🤨 Wow, what an excellent list of film, so well presented. Most of them I’m familiar with, but not all of them so I’ve put Pelle Eroberen on my list.👍🏻 Thanks a lot! 🙂

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  2. Pete, I haven’t seen any of those films, but would love to catch a few of them. I recently watched “The Wave” (Norwegian: “Bølgen”), a 2015 Norwegian disaster film that was Norway’s official submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. “The movie depicts a future event in Møre og Romsdal in which the Åkerneset crevasse collapses, creating an avalanche resulting in an 80-metre (260 ft) tall tsunami…that destroys everything in its path.” I thought it was an excellent film, and may watch it again.

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