Holidays and Travel: Rome 2002

With lockdown making us all wish we could be somewhere else, I am reblogging this 2013 post about a short trip to Rome. David and Jude have seen it before, but it may well be new to most of you.


I had never been to Italy. Despite a lifelong interest in all things Roman, as well as a passing regard for Marco Polo, Garibaldi’s Redshirts, and a fascination with the nefarious exploits of Brigate Rosse during the 1970’s, I had never set foot on the land that also produced the wines I loved so much; Barolo, Barbera D’Asti, and Chianti.

Julie was well aware of my love of Roman History, and my somewhat morbid obsession with the arenas, and the gladiatorial combats fought within them. With my fiftieth birthday coming up, in March 2002, she arranged a ‘short break’ holiday to Rome, as her gift to me. It remains one of the best gifts that I have ever received, and this is the tale of our trip to the Eternal City.

Even the chosen hotel was to be a delight. The Art Deco Hotel, close to the Central Station, so…

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21 thoughts on “Holidays and Travel: Rome 2002

  1. I was lucky enough to be able visit Rome, all expenses paid, for 8 days back in 2004 [I think] whilst I was working on a David Jason production called Ghostboat [I and the other 7 featured SAs on the production also spent 8 days in Malta, working in the massive outdoor seawater tank for marine films]. Given that I might otherwise never have got around to going, I thoroughly enjoyed it [although as a devout agnostic, I studiously avoided the Vatican 😉 ], and our hotel was within sight of the Colosseum, just up the main drag [it also had a swimming pool on the roof!]. The only downer on the trip was that I was fleeced by a con-artist preying on the goodwill of foreigners: he told me that he was about to run out fuel in his car but had no money with him. He gave me a ‘valuable’ woman’s blouse that he happened to have with him [his ‘stock’] as recompense; it was worth very little, of course, and I felt very foolish afterwards. Cheers, Jon.

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