Story: The Dog And His Man

Shaily wrote a story just for me, about Ollie and me.
How wonderful is that?

Short Stories | Fish-eye Perspective

alex-motoc-YzOhaPkU-E8-unsplashI take him for a walk first thing in the morning. He needs one.

He may complain about the early hours, the rainy weather and the muddy footprints on the floor but he loves them too. I’ve seen how he inhales the freshness in the air, not yet tainted by the traffic of the rush hour. I know he loves the dragonflies at the river, so I pull him there too. I splash around while he grumbles, until the old man gets his toes wet and relaxes visibly.

He sometimes protests that he is getting too old for this, but well, so am I. It is not easy to chase a deer anymore, but I do that anyway. How else will he get his exercise?

He may give me only one sausage a day and be a scrooge-ish when it comes to my biscuits. But I love him anyway, so…

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51 thoughts on “Story: The Dog And His Man

      1. I did miss it but it’s soooooooooooooo cute😍😍😍 I loved it and it was so awesome. You have to give ollie 2 sausages, that poor guy deserves some happiness. 😜😜

        Stay safe, Petey❀✌😊

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  1. This chokes me up. We always had dogs, but when our wonderful old dog died a few years ago, we never got a other, mainly because my wife allergy problem really got bad. Oh, how I miss a dog. I enjoy it when you and other bloggers share their dogs with me. Thanks to both you and

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    1. I had German Sheherd, Bruno. He died when I was 15. We never had another because we travelled and got transferred often. And later my house was too cramped for a Shepherd, and i would never settle for another.

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