Virus Deaths: Racism?

I am reblogging this from my other site, as I find the whole thing very worrying and disturbing.


I have been reading and watching the growing number of disturbing reports in Britain that claim the fact that virus deaths are disproportionate in people from backgrounds that include African, West Indian, and the Indian sub-continent are ‘deliberate negligence’. There is a Facebook group of British Muslims who openly accuse the NHS and the government of allowing their relatives to die, because of their ethhnicity. One member even called it ‘ethnic cleansing’.

Now I see on the BBC that the new Labour Party leader is calling for a public enquiry into this, and it is to be led by Baroness Lawrence, a black woman who is famous for campaigning for justice for her murdered son many years ago.

I have to say that I personally find these accusations to be appalling. I worked in the NHS for 22 years, and know many who still do, including my own wife. I…

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21 thoughts on “Virus Deaths: Racism?

  1. The human race is equally brilliant and ignorant. Sometimes it feels like we’ve come pretty far, and then some yahoos remind us that we’ve got miles to go.

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  2. Quite extraordinary…. I wonder if this is like people saying the British press were being racist about Meghan Markle? Living out here in New York where there are a lot of Meghan Markle types I can understand why the British press might have felt somewhat irked by her ways, but this had nothing to do with the colour of her skin. What I have learnt is that whilst we all speak the same language, that is where the similarities end. They have a totally different mindset and attitude and takes a little getting used to. Sorry, have gotten off the point somewhat! Best wishes and stay well. Katie 🙏

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    1. Thanks, Katie. No, nothing to do with Meghan, not even remotely. Most people in the UK couldn’t care less what colour she was, and it was only the tabloid press that ever mentioned it.
      No, this is insidious, and damaging. Even more so, it is completely untrue, and a disgusting slur against the hard working NHS staff who treat everyone exactly the same.
      Meghan is just celebrity nonsense by comparison. They wanted to get out of the UK because he will never be King in his lifetime, so they used any flimsy excuse to leave. We are well shot of both of them. My only regret is that the rest of the parasites didn’t go with them.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I am fairly sure most Americans will not agree with me, but we live in a structured racist society that pretends it is not so. In my 76 years, I have spent 4 days in the United Kingdom and am totally unqualified to comment on your society. Here, any charge of racism need to be examined and examined when it is made, there is no time that it is inappropriate to look into discrimination of any sort. Here, any loud claims of “we are not racist” mask a reality. I do hope it is not the same there. Warmest regards, Theo (This is the same comment I left on Redflagflying)


  4. What would we do with our free time if the world’s population were all of the same race? And of the same religion? And of the same political persuasion? Maybe the Rembrandt folks and the Jackson Pollock folks would be at each other’s throat..? Or maybe the Mary Ann Summers fans and the Ginger Grant fans would be launching missiles at each other from their respective island…? The point is that people are in constant pursuit of conflict, no matter how ridiculous the justification. I guess we have to chalk it up to human nature…

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  5. There’s been a lot of awareness on this side of the pond as well, Pete. Although over here it’s less about some alleged mistreatment because of some construed racist medical workers against black patients.. and more about black and brown folks having a way higher percentage of infections and death. When I first heard about this statistical revelation the first thought in my head was how African-American leaders were going to deflect racism onto a disease.. and not the usual, white folks. But it seems there’s a link to the socio-economic disadvantage black people in general suffer within the economy. This leads to lower level employment in the service industries, if they are employed at all, from lower income “ghetto;like” neighborhoods with higher crime levels. Economically disadvantaged people tend to eat the wrong foods and subsequently end up needing medical treatment that tends to more deferred and less available. So I guess the black communities have yet again managed to link a social disparity against lower income disadvantaged minorities, in this case a disease, to white people having a better life. The problem is not just “we are victims of white prejudice”.. it’s also about black family values and evolved black American culture. But we can never suggest that.
    I’d not worry too much about some formal investigation over something that in reality is a waste of time. If nothing else, it keeps a few folks busy.. and while they might find the occasional isolated incident of possible racist treatment (it validates the investigation) it likely will not find any evidence of it being a widespread problem to shake your society to the core.

    It’s a bit of a bitch being a white person these days given we are responsible for all the worlds’ ills.

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    1. Thanks, Doug. I appreciate things are different over there, with financial inequalities in your health system. But this really pissed me off, given the hard work and sacrifices being made by our hospital staff.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. It should piss you off more so because you were in that service and understand the dedication it takes.
        It’s like a kidney stone, Pete.. this too will pass. 🙂

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