Another view of the effects of Covid-19, this time from Suzan, in India. Fascinating to hear about how the virus is affecting life in different countries around the world.

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Good morning people. How are you all?? How’s corona?? Is it still traumatizing you?? Well, India has learnt how to fight it…actually India has learnt how to overlook it. I haven’t been writing or commenting on any Covid-19 posts basically trying to avoid anything related to it because I got my news reporting mom. To be honest she should be a journalist. Too much reporting of news. Well, I had thought of informing you all the state of India so here I am with today’s special post about Coronavirus. So without any further ado let me step by step take you to all the things going on in India. Let’s go, shall we??

So as we all know Coronavirus is spreading all around the world and killing many people. It’s hard to avoid the news when the only news you get is ‘coronavirus killed these many people in these many…

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14 thoughts on “INDIA ON COVID-19 || COVID-19 UPDATE.

  1. India is on the verge of seeing explosion in covid infections since hygiene levels are bad and people’s habits are supportive of spread. Poor economic conditions for 40% population make this battle difficult

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  2. RBI’s Announcements.

    – Repo rate to 4 per cent from the existing 4.4 per cent ( Lowest repo rate since the year 2,000).
    ( Due to this Loan EMI and Intrest Rate may be reduce by the Banks )

    – Extended a loan moratorium to banks by another three months (June 1 to August 31).

    – Lowered the Reverse Repo rate – the interest rate at which the RBI borrows funds from commercial banks – to 3.35 per cent from existing 3.75 per cent.
    (The money supply in the market as the banks park their surplus cash with the RBI to earn attractive returns as against lending to individuals and businesses. It reduces the supply of money in the system, thereby boosting the strength of the rupee )

    – Rs 15,000 crore allocated to EXIM Bank to support trade.
    ( The Export-Import Bank of India provides financial assistance to exporters and importers in order to promote the country’s trade activities).

    – The central bank offered 90-days extension to SIDBI for the 90-day term loan facilities in order to provide additional liquidity support to the MSME sector.

    #rbi #banks #sidbi #msme #reporate #recession #india #economy #export #trade #linkdin #pmo

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  3. Thank you for the information, Pete! Very good to know what is happening in other countries, not only bout Covid-19. Here in Germany we will be the ecooimic winner, and soon all things will be reopened. I only remember was i had read about the similar Spanish Flue. There were three waves, not only one.

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  4. Thanks for the link. I’m surprised the number of deaths is small relative to the population in India. It would be interesting to know if the infection rate there is spiking, plateauing, or decreasing. Here in Nevada, there are a few more deaths every day…

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    1. Britain now has the shameful title of ‘league leader’. The most Covid-19 deaths in any European country, and second only to the USA, with a much smaller population than your country.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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