The Block: Part Twenty-One

This is the twenty-first part of a fiction serial, in 848 words.

“Good morning, Jeffrey. Today I would like to talk some more about what you did on that Sunday. Is that okay with you?”

“Yes, it’s not like I have got anything else to do, is it?”

“You went up to the next floor, and entered the home of Mister Ryan. You refer to him as ‘Bulgy Eyes’ in your confession. What possible reason could you have had to want to do him harm?”

“I refer to him as ‘Bulgy Eyes’ because his eyes were tremendously bulgy. You should have seen them, doctor. Unbelievably bulgy. Anyway, he was another one who lived like a pig. His flat was awful. He complained he had found it in a state, and had to decorate. Then he proceeds to live in filth worse than Possible Junkie before him. He never actually did anything to upset me other than that, but I couldn’t really see any reason to leave him out. What use was he after all? Dirty, smelly, divorced by his wife -I saw the paperwork- and just a miserable specimen. I didn’t make a big thing of it. He was standing having a piss in the bathroom, and I quickly cut his throat from behind. He probably thought it was a bad dream”.

I see you mention the man you called ‘Possible’. He was a drug dealer named Alex White. He was also stabbed in Spencer House. Have you got anything to tell me about that murder?”

“Ha, you trying to pin that on me too? That was ages ago, and nothing to do with me. That was a drug gang thing. The team investigating didn’t try too hard to solve that killing, I know that for a fact. They wrote it off as scum on scum, and moved on to something more interesting. Then later on they spend two whole days grilling me about it, trying to clear up an unsolved case and put it down to me. I wasn’t having that”.

“By the time you got to the next floor, you must have been covered in blood, Jeffrey”.

“That’s why I was wearing the overalls of course. And the gloves and boots. You have to anticipate all the blood”.

“Then you entered the flat of the brother and sister. Yet again, you didn’t harm the woman. She was terrified when you placed a hood over her head and taped her to the bed, but you left her alone. Why was that? Was it because you were attracted to her?”

“You still don’t seem to be getting this at all, doctor. That woman worked hard. She came from another country because of a war, and retrained to be a pharmacist. She perfected her English, and worked at Boots in Piccadilly Circus, one of the busiest chemist shops in England. She was useful, she had integrated into society, and tried her best to make something of herself. There was no way I needed to remove her from this world. I had a lot of respect for her”.

“Not for her brother though, obviously”.

“He was the classic definition of a parasite. And he was a potentially dangerous parasite too. Came here speaking no English, and never bothered to even try to learn. Still dressed as if he was in Helmand Province, and ponced off the state and his sister. Then there was their laptop. I only had a chance to see what was on it the once, when he had to go for an interview about his benefits. Radical stuff. ISIS, Taliban, the usual. He was a suicide bomber waiting to happen, believe me”.

“And that’s why you decapitated him? Cut his head off with an axe, and placed it at the foot of his bed?”

“Yep, that’s why. What ISIS did. See how he liked it”.

“Are you aware that his sister was so traumatised by your actions that she is in a psychiatric hospital, and no longer functioning in society in the way that you so admired?”

“I think they call that ‘Collateral Damage’ in the Army”.

“Once you walked across the hall into Mister Oliver’s flat, he was already awake and walking around, I understand”.

“That was funny. You should have seen the look on Fat Bald Bloke’s face when I walked in. Priceless”.

“And you stabbed him in the throat?”

“Yes, stopped him shouting out and waking Elvira”.

“Had they done something to you, Jeffrey?”

“No, but that’s not the point. They were just low-life, useless. Never amount to anything. Unproductive. He was a natural bully who was actually scared of his girlfriend, and she was too frightful for words. Pushing fifty, acting like she was twenty-five, drunk most of the time, and violent too. No chance they were getting a pass. She was fast asleep and still snoring, so I woke her up first. I wanted her to see it coming. When she saw the axe lifting up, her eyes were like saucers. But I got her before she could even think about screaming”.

“Our next meeting is in two days time, Jeffrey. I will see you then”.

32 thoughts on “The Block: Part Twenty-One

    1. There are two left, Pete. More details to come tomorrow. 🙂
      (They are both women. One is Mrs Loud Couple. He let her live, remember?Though she may have had to leave due to debt by now. 🙂 )
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. So, anyone Jeff thinks is a waste of space is for the off. How does he see himself? He doesn’t work, doesn’t contribute to society – apart from killing off anyone he thinks doesn’t deserve to be walking around breathing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naturally he sees himself as someone who contributed 20 years as a policeman, (Although by his own admission not a good one) never claimed any benefit, or committed a crime, and has his comparative wealth by virtue of his inheritance. As far as he is concerned, he is squeaky clean. Even his murders are justifiable, as far as he is concerned. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. (1) Bulgy Eyes, who was a fan of the Eagles, often sang to himself in the mirror: 🎶
    ♪ You can’t hide your Ryan eyes
    ♪ And your smile is a thin disguise
    ♪ I thought by now you’d realize
    ♪ There ain’t no way to hide your Ryan eyes!
    (2) How come Ryan didn’t live in a bulgy flat?
    (3) Ryan “was standing having a piss in the bathroom, and I quickly cut his throat from behind. He probably thought it was a bad dream.” This reminds me of the dream sequence that takes place in the bathroom at the end of “Dressed to Kill,” where Liz Blake’s throat is slit from behind by Dr. Eliott. The first time I saw that scene, my eyes bulged in horror!
    (4) The team investigating Alex White’s murder didn’t try too hard to solve that killing: “They wrote it off as scum on scum.” This morning, while taking a shower, I investigated the shower doors: Using my fingernails, I wrote on them: “Scum on scum!” (FYI: Getting thick layers of soap scum off shower doors is murder!)
    (5) Overheard during a psychiatric session:
    Le Dr Elliott: “Does being so ugly affect your sexual fantasies?”
    Quasimodo: “Yes. Because whenever I’m attracted to a French belle, I want to place a hood over her head and tape her to the bed.”
    Le Dr Elliott: “I had a hunch you’d say something like that.”
    (6) Overheard during a different psychiatric session:
    Jeffrey North: “He was still dressed as if he was in Helmand Province.”
    Dr. Eccleston: “You mean like a suicide bomber?”
    Jeffrey North: “Exactly! He was dressed to kill!”
    (7) Elvira learned:
    …..(a) Waking up from an unpleasant dream can be a real nightmare.
    …..(b) A wax job beats an axe job any day of the week.
    (8) Movie quote: “Eyes like saucers!” (from “Attack of the Giant Potatoes”)

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