The Block: Part Twenty-Two

This is the twenty-second part of a fiction serial, in 848 words.

“I mainly want to talk to you today about what happened in Flat Ten, Jeffrey. The flat rented by Miss Hurst, and her partner”.

“Oh yeah, Teacher Lady”.

“It must have been strange to discover that she was not a teacher at all, but a School Meals Supervisor. And that her partner, Mister Arnott, was not her husband. He also had a very ordinary job too, a counter assistant in a car spares shop”.

“Lots of people put on airs and graces. Flash cars, smart clothes. But it was easy to see from the lack of stuff in their flat that they didn’t have money. And they slept in separate rooms too, so no surprise they weren’t married”.

“The reason your actions in that flat interest me is because you not only killed the man in an especially meticulous and painful way, but you also had sex with Miss Hurst. The DNA samples prove that conclusively”.

“They charged me with raping her, refused to believe my account of what happened. But I was there, and I know. Besides, if I confessed to everything else, why would I not confess to raping the uppity kinky bitch?”

“Perhaps because you would be ashamed of being a rapist, Jeffrey, but happy enough to be a murderer. Why don’t you tell me in your own words what happened in that flat on the Sunday morning in question?”

“I used the lock pick, and went in holding a knife. I entered her room first, and she had just woken up, sitting on the bed naked. She didn’t scream, or even look scared, like she had anticipated it. She smiled in fact. Then she spoke really softly, asked, ‘Have you come for him?’. I nodded, and she whispered ‘You’ll get no trouble from me’. When I turned and walked into his room, she followed behind me. I could hear her chuckling. He was still asleep, and I woke him up by pressing the knife against his mouth. When his eyes opened, I shook my head to indicate he shouldn’t speak or move, then she says ‘Make him wear the red suit'”.

“Had you lost control to her by then, Jeffrey? Was Miss Hurst taking over your planned event do you think?”

“She might have thought she was directing me, but I always knew how it would end for her, whether she played along willingly or not. I decided to let her think of herself as an accomplice. After all, she hadn’t a clue about what had already happened on the lower floors”.

“Okay, what happened after that?”

She told me to make him wear the red rubber suit. He heard her say it, and I just nodded. He got out of bed with no attempt to fight me, or run away. He got the suit out of the wardrobe, and covered his body in clouds of talcum powder. Then he put the suit on and pulled it tight around his body. She hissed into my ear. ‘The ball-gag, tell him to use that’. He had heard her, and produced a device from one of the drawers next to the bed. He wrapped it around his face, and put the ball in his mouth so he couldn’t speak”.

“Do you really believe he had any idea that you were going to hurt him, Jeffrey?”

“No, I am sure he thought it was a sex game dreamed up by Teacher Lady”.

“Then he was happy to get back onto the bed?”

“Yes, he did that himself, just lying there, looking up at the ceiling. Then Teacher Lady got some handcuffs from the drawer, and secured his arms above his head, locked on the metal rails of the bedstead. She turned to me and said ‘Skin him’. I had never skinned anything, but I used the carpet knife, tracing the outline of the rubber suit. While he was screaming as much as he could, given the gag, she jumped up and down clapping her hands together. I’m telling you, doctor, she was one sick puppy’. By the time I had managed to get some bits of skin and rubber suit from his chest and legs, the bed was soaked in blood and he was whimpering like a kitten. She was grabbing me, hissing ‘More, more’, but I had seen enough. I ran the carpet knife across his throat and put an end to it”.

“So is that when you raped her?”

“I told you, I didn’t rape her. That’s when she started to claw at my overalls, and pull the zip down. She rolled Biker Man off the bed after unlocking the cuffs, and dragged me onto it. Then she got on top of me and had mad sex with me as I was lying in all the blood. She was mental, I promise you. When she had finished, she clung on to me like we were lovers or something. When I stuck the knife into her neck three times, she couldn’t have been more surpised. I promise you”.

“I am going to leave it there for today. See you next time, Jeffrey”.

32 thoughts on “The Block: Part Twenty-Two

        1. Just general slang in the UK and America, not only London. ‘Uppity’ means ideas above her situation. ‘Kinky’ refers to sexual deviancy, and ‘Bitch’ is an everyday insult. (It’s a female dog) 🙂
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. (1) What?! You mean Teacher Lady and Biker Man arnott married?! That means they never vowed, “Till death do us part!”
    (2) Miss Hurst was a School Meals Supervisor (SMS). Students often called her “Patty Cake Hurst” because of a text message she often sent to the students after school:
    “Patty cake, patty cake biker’s fan
    Take me to bed as fast as you can
    Pat me and prick me and mark me with “B”
    Put a bun in my oven—baby and me!”
    (3) BIKER Man worked as a counter assistant in a CAR spares shop? That’s counter-intuitive!
    (4) “She told me to make him wear the red rubber suit.” Actually, it’s not rubber. It’s Flubber. The substance was originally used to make condoms. “Flubber! Don’t just boink. B-O-I-N-G!”
    (5) Miss Hurst was clueless. But even if she’d had a clue, that wouldn’t have changed anything. That’s because the game doesn’t include: “Mr. North did it in the Bedroom with a Carpet Knife.”
    (6) Miss Hurst was one sick puppy. Mr. Arnott whimpered like a kitten. Who did they think Jeffrey was—a rat from NIMH?
    (7) “Then she got on top of me and had mad sex with me as I was lying in all the blood.” If you think she’s a sick puppy now, just think of what kind of savage-crazy pit bull she would have been later on!
    (8) “When I stuck the knife into her neck three times, she couldn’t have been more surprised.” She might have been more surprised had she survived another stab or two!

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