More photos of Ollie

Another old photo post from 2015, once again for the benefit of new followers. Ollie is featured this time.


After the photo post recently, some of you asked to see more of Ollie. So here he is.

A rear view, walking in the woods. Not his best angle.

Fjui X30 030

By the new bench on the riverbank. (The bench is for Jude…)

Fjui X30 036

In the river again.

Fjui X30 040

Looking along the meadow, hoping to spot a friend.

Fjui X30 008

As with the others, all the large files can be viewed if you click the photo. And they can be enlarged from those too, for fine detail. I hope that you enjoy these shots of my canine companion.

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36 thoughts on “More photos of Ollie

  1. Awww…Look at the boy! He’s so beautiful. Handsome too. He’s a water hound like my Chaka. Does he stick his face in the water? My Chaka does. She loves it. But hates getting a bath.
    LOVE the pictures of Ollie. He’s a rockstar.

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  2. I think Ollie has a lovely bottom. I don’t say that about most people’s – I usually avoid looking too hard. His handsomeness is a reflection of the care and love you give him. Best wishes from another part of Lockdown XX

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    1. Thanks, Lauren. I’m pleased you like him. Sometimes people ask, ‘why did you get such an ugly dog’. It’s the wrinkles, you either love them or hate them , it would seem. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. He is used to the groomer, and lets her trim his toenails too. His fur does feel much nicer now, but I have to try to keep him out of the river for a few days. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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