Sandwich: The last nibble

The third part of this photo post about the historic Kent town, from 2015. Despite the title, and what it says in the text, I did post a fourth one, and that will be up tomorrow. This is for new followers who haven’t seen it before.

The photos look a bit better when enlarged.


This is the last selection of photos from our trip to this lovely old town. On this occasion, I have included three photos of more modern buildings in the town. Given the great age of most of the houses and public buildings there, the term β€˜modern, is used advisedly.

From 1916 until 1928, The East Kent Road Car Company operated buses in and around the town. They provided a service to the nearby city of Canterbury, and to coastal towns such as Ramsgate, and Deal. This quaint little building served as both the ticket office, and public waiting room, and has been left in its original place, though somewhat abandoned to nature.


The wonderful Art Deco edifice of the Empire Cinema has stood since 1937. At night, it is still illuminated by the original green neon strip-lights outside. The cinema continues to operate to this day, showing mainstream films, as…

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13 thoughts on “Sandwich: The last nibble

    1. Yes, Sandwich is close to Canterbury. (14 miles) Two photographic ‘birds’ with one stone. πŸ™‚
      (We went into Canterbury on the way, but it was choked with traffic, and the car parks were full. Park and Ride would have been the solution, but we went on to Sandwich instead.)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. This looks like quite a picturesque area, Pete. Apart from near Ashford, where I have a sister, I don’t know the area at all, although I did visit Deal some years back, to visit the scene of where my great grandfather ended his life, for my family history research. Cheers, Jon. PS: WordPress seems to have a fault with the ‘like’s this morning [unless it’s decided it doesn’t like my browser], so I can’t like this post, but take it from me that I do!

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