Indian Bloggers.

A recent perusal of my blog stats has told me that my Indian readers are now the third most numerous, after the USA and Britain. This is undoubtedly helped by the fact that so many people in India speak English, and write their own blogs in English too.

As well as that, they represent a significant percentage of my blog followers, and many of them are fully-engaged bloggers who regularly comment on my posts. This pleases me a great deal, as we have hundreds of thousands of people from an Indian background living in the UK. When I lived in London, I met and worked with many, and was always interested in their culture. This not least because my dad spent a long time in India, serving there in WW2 from 1941-1946. He showed me numerous photos of his travels there, and regaled me with tales of that exotic land in my youth.

Sadly, I never got around to visiting any part of that country, and fear it may be too late for me to do that now. But through the wonder of blogging, I can see and hear the lives of people there, and appreciate the differences, good and bad.

I have featured some Indian bloggers and authors on this blog before, but I would like to do more.

So if you are one, and follow my blog, please think about sending me a guest post, telling me and all my readers about where you live, what you do, and what life is like for you in that vast country, with its huge population. If you are interested in doing that, then send me an email to and I will let you know what is required.

Best wishes to you all, Pete.

67 thoughts on “Indian Bloggers.

  1. It’s never too late Pete…you can still plan to visit this incredible country, I’m sure you’ll not regret. It’s really very heartening to hear about your connect with this country. Good luck 👍


  2. Thanks you for your kind words. Will definitely look into it. Following you to get in touch with your articles.
    Hey My Name Is Navneet Srivastava and The idea behind my blog is to create social awareness and present everything that inspires people to flow with the trends in the form of articles, photos, videos and more.

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  3. Yes I have some followers from more exotic shores and they are a breath of fresh air; often expressing a great zest for life. I have never been to India either, only enjoying it vicariously through hearing of ‘visits home’ and holidays. Colleagues at work and neighbours had plenty of amusing and interesting tales to tell. Of course I always admire anyone from anywhere with a great command of more than one language.

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    1. Thanks, Janet. I think being English (or speaking it anyway) makes us a little lazy when it comes to learning languages. I could once converse quite happily in French, but I doubt I could have written this blog in that language.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. @beetleypete: Will you allow me to post a few thoughts that came to mind when I saw all the amazing comments on your site as well as some others.
    “Be safe everyone. maintain the enthusiasm and continue to encourage and support one another. I pray for an increase in views, followers, likes and comments for everyone who is investing their heart into creating posts that uplift, inspire, educate and build people. Keep it up all you wonderful people. and don’t slack off when the going gets tough or the followers seem far away, rome was not built in a single day it is said, so keep pushing those posts out, only make sure your heart agrees with what you are sending out into the world out there…..these are seeds you are sowing and will bear fruit and come back multiplied….put out nothing but your best and the best will come back to you….” My best wishes to all

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    1. I have allowed your comments, but be careful what you post as comments. They are all automatically placed in Spam by WordPress. You are considered by them to be a Spammer, as the content of your comments is often just one word, and it appears to be unrelated to the post.
      Just so you know.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. Due to growing up in the States, and living in the Land of Cowboys, it’s always hard for me to immediately think of Indians as being from India. Of course, we try to make the distinction: the American Indian, Native American, or Indigenous American is not the same as the Indian who has emigrated to the States, otherwise known as an Indian American. Unfortunately, we in the States always refer to our country as America when, in fact, we should call ourselves North Americans so as not to offend those from Central or South America. So maybe we should be talking about North American Indians, Native North Americans, Indigenous North Americans, and Indian North Americans. Also, maybe we should rename Squaw Valley (California) to North American Indian Woman Valley, Native North American Woman Valley, or Indigenous American Woman Valley. I wonder if there are any Indian North Americans from India living in the valley?

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  6. Pete Johnson, will you stop winning people’s hearts??😂😂 You can’t afford a trip here but I can afford a few Indian posts for my dearest friend. I will be bringing up 2 posts a week for you from now on. See India from the UK. I will start soon. Let’s see when I should start but I will do it soon. Btw one day your blog will be number 1 in India, people love to see an old man with such a sweet nature💖.

    Take care Pete❤✌😊

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      1. Yes, a man with sweet nature and even if you know many who might disagree but I know one who won’t. You are a great person Pete. I haven’t met a lot of good people in my life but the ones I have met includes you❤✌

        Stay safe💖✌😊

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  7. Pete, when I get my act together I will be blogging about my month-long trip to India and I’d love to share my posts with your Indian followers. we visited 15 cities in 32 days and took masses of pics. Is there any way of tagging you on WordPress so you can see it?

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    1. Hi, Lucinda, I couldn’t stop myself from commenting. I really want to know how you feel about India. I mean I love my country but a perspective of another person is a great way to work in improving our country and besides 15 cities in 32 days, that’s a huge deal. I am definitely waiting for your blog.

      Stay Safe 😊✌❤

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