Becky: Part Eighteen

This is the eighteenth part of a fiction serial, in 745 words.

There were times when I wondered why I had become so keen on Becky so quickly. I had to ask myself to be sure I wasn’t just latching on to the first girl to come along after Justina. There was that confidence, which was new and refreshing, but she also had a vulnerable side, and could be deeply affected by what she saw in her job. Awful injuries, dead children, all kinds of trauma and upset. That was her daily routine, in a busy Emergency Department of a hospital right in the centre of London. She was caring, kind, good-natured, yet professional. The ideal nurse.

Her colleagues liked her, and her managers thought highly of her. She had a large number of friends too, mostly nurses she had trained with, but others from her school days who had stayed in touch since. If you were to ask anyone to sum her up in one word, the likely answer would be ‘popular’. As her boyfriend, I saw that side of her, but also her other side too.

She was very sexy, without being slutty. Enjoying sex, and knowing what she liked, she wasn’t afraid to ask for it, or to regularly take the initiative. She was adventurous without being too kinky, and understanding when things didn’t always go as she might have expected. She paid her way on dates too. Although we balanced each other out when it came to staying over at hers or mine, she not only took her turn in paying for tickets, meals, or trips, but also insisted on contributing to petrol money when we used the car. She could drive, having passed her test at eighteen, but there was no point her having a car, considering where she lived, and where she worked in relation to that.

On a personal level she was untidy, but scrupulously clean. Her hair was amazing, as was her skin, and those green eyes. She could look fantastic dressed up to go on a night out, and just as wonderful in a T-shirt with no make-up and her hair all over the place. She was a career girl in a career worth having, liked by anyone you might meet. With the exception of my dad, who remained unconvinced.

Is it any wonder, that within six months, I thought I had found the perfect girl, and could no longer imagine life without her?

And I didn’t have to do that, as our relationship carried on getting better, until both of us felt connected in a different way to just being boyfriend/girlfriend. The routine forced on us by her shifts became normal. It just became our routine, and we didn’t have to think about it. If she got off late, it didn’t matter. I would sit and chat to Fliss and Jackie as if I was part of the gang. They accepted me as readily as Becky did. Even Jackie had calmed down, once she realised I had no intentions on Fliss.

By the end of our first year as a couple, we started to talk about the idea of living together. Beckton was never going to work for her. The commute into work was a pain, with too many changes of transport. She couldn’t use the car, because there was nowhere for the staff to park. Even though I had added her to my insurance so she could drive now and then, we knew that we had to move somewhere more convenient. My house had increased in value, but the price of even a small apartment closer to both our jobs was still prohibitive, and not even manageable on two salaries.

After long hours of discussing various options, marriage was mentioned in passing. At first, Becky casually let slip that her parents had money saved for her wedding, that could be put to good use if we took it as a deposit on a place instead. Then that changed to both parents stumping up together for a deposit, and a decent, but not excessively expensive wedding. When I mentioned engagement, she shook her head. That would mean a ring, and we could save that money to put towards buying a house. Looking at all the transport options online, we settled on the area around Colindale. The Northern Line tube would work well for both of us, and house prices were just on the side of affordable.

When I thought about it the next day, I realised things were getting serious.

36 thoughts on “Becky: Part Eighteen

  1. If you hadn’t started with the break up I would have very few clues that this relationship was going to crash. I am having sympathy with him at the moment knowing she initiated it.

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  2. (1) “I had to ask myself to be sure I wasn’t just latching on to the first girl to come along after Justina.” And I have to ask myself if Justina is out of the picture for good. Might she not show up on Frankie’s doorstep one day, children in tow?
    (2a) Becky has a vulnerable side. But at least she doesn’t have Achilles’ heel or Samson’s hair.
    (2b) I noticed that Becky’s eyes are the same color as kryptonite.
    (3) “She was very sexy, without being slutty.” Oh well, you can’t win ’em all…
    (4) “She was adventurous without being too kinky.” In other words, we’ll never see her in “The Perils of Rebecca Maclaren in the Land of the Yik-Yak,” because she’s no Tawny Kitaen.
    (5) Becky looked “just as wonderful in a T-shirt with no make-up and her hair all over the place.” First of all, most women aren’t so messy that they get make-up all over their T-shirts. Secondly, even when T-shirts get hair all over the place, most women know to use a simple pet hair brush to remove it. So I’m glad that Becky has a T-shirt free of make-up and hair, but this doesn’t make her exceptional by any means!
    (6) “Even Jackie had calmed down, once she realised I had no intentions on Fliss.” That’s because
    Frankie remembered what Jugular Jackie had once said about Fat Fliss: “She ain’t heavy, she’s my lover!”
    (7) “She couldn’t use the car, because there was nowhere for the staff to park.” I assume there was someplace for the ambulance to park?
    (8) “The Northern Line tube would work well for both of us,” as would the tubal ligation that ensured Becky would not become pregnant.

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    1. You are keeping up your usual standard with this serial, David. Car parking for staff is non-existent in central London hospitals, as I am sure you can imagine. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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