Ullswater: A lake in the mist

From almost four years ago, I am reblogging some photo posts for the benefit of new followers since 2016. They were taken on a holiday in North-west England, in Cumbria.


All photos are large files and can be clicked on for detail

Monday was planned to be a ‘big’ day. We would drive to The village of Glenridding, and take the ferry across Ullswater. Once off the boat, we would have a five-hour walk back around the shore of the lake to where we had parked the car. On the way there, Antony suggested a stop where we might get some uninterrupted photos of the lake from near the edge of the road. As soon as we approached the water, we could see that it was shrouded in mist. It was slightly eerie, but a real delight for me, never having seen it before.

I decided to try metering for light off of the brighter sky. I hoped that this would cast the scene into shadow, and appear to be the evening. This is the result.

We got back in…

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19 thoughts on “Ullswater: A lake in the mist

  1. My grandparents were sheep farmers near Ullswater before WWII. Sadly (very sadly) they were forced to sell up thanks to the post-war Govt. offering land rights to our Masters in the HoL, and anyone else with big money – and nothing to the local people who had farmed those lands for generations.

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