Ashness Bridge and Walla Crag

More photos of a trip to the Lake District, in 2016. These are posted for the benefit of new followers, and anyone who missed them at the time. Please enlarge the photos on the original post if you can, as they do look so much better full-screen.


All photos are large files, and can be clicked on for detail.

Thursday was our last but one day of the holiday, and we set off in another morning of dull weather. The plan was to take the short ferry trip to Ashness Bridge, on the eastern side of Derwent Water. From there, we would make the climb up to Walla Crag, which has panoramic views over Keswick, and the lake. After getting off the boat at the first stop, there was a short steep ascent to the bridge.
Antony informed me that this was the most photographed spot in the region.

As we continued up to the crag, the weather improved slightly. I got this shot of the view behind us. The cluster of white houses you can see is the town of Keswick, in the distance below.

After my exertions going up Helvellyn, I must have been getting…

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28 thoughts on “Ashness Bridge and Walla Crag

  1. I will say that after my one visit to that part of England in 1974 I had a better understanding of much English poetry. Before that I had only my own imagination to go with the nature poems.

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  2. Your Lake District is so beautiful. Here in Minnesota our Lake District is the state itself. They say no one lives more than 3 miles from lake.I can count over 20 lakes and 3 major rivers within a ten mile radius of my place, which has a nice size pond on it. And of course there is the water that would flood the basement if it wasn’t for the sump pump. ‘Water, water, everywhere’, but no beautiful stone structures. Stay Safe.

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  3. It looks a little bit like real wilderness, but i love it..In the meantime, here in Bavaria we now only have industrial timber recycling and agriculture. When you walk through the forest you think you are surrounded by Mikado sticks.

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