44 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. Pete, based on some of our recent actions, “good riddance” might be a better way to state it. We have shown the worst of ourselves in many cases…we will work it out, but it’s an embarrassment that we brought on ourselves…

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    1. It is not “my” country as I’m a guest here on a Green Card, but I fervently hope with you, because what we see now is not the USA I used to know and which I still love!

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  2. Thank you, Pete. I find it hard to celebrate this year. Two days of our ‘leader’ making a fool of himself before crowds of COVID seekers. And then there are the fireworks which I have never enjoyed. And it is the first Fourth in my time without baseball, professional and town ball.
    Stay Safe.

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  3. I’m remembering my 1995 visit to Mount Rushmore… I also visited the White House, the U.S. Senate, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, Mount Vernon, the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima statue), and the Smithsonian fifty years ago (1970).These days, patriots have to be quiet about their support of the USA, as condemnation of our country is in vogue. It goes beyond politics. It targets the very principles upon which America was founded. The Fourth of July means more to me than two hot dogs and a beer.

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    1. No, I don’t condemn the US. It’s (still) a wonderful countyr. But very unfortunately, for way too many people, politicians included, Patriotism means spreading the Coronavirus. I’m scared but also frustrated and depressed because can’t do anything about it.

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        1. Unfortunately, quite the contrary! The governor of South Dakota, where Trump delivered his (very decisive) speech, invited people to DISREGARD precautions, because it was a “celebration of togetherness”!

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  4. Thank you, Pete. We will stay home and enjoy a traditional BBQ of hotdogs and hamburgers. We gave up on fireworks a long time ago. The crowds are too much — especially during a pandemic, but I have no doubt some will venture out.

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  5. “from your former colonial oppressor.” Lol
    We should not forget, Miss Liberty was gifted by France. 😉 Happy Independence Day to all Americans, here and anywhere. If you are about to withdraw soldiers from Germany, at least send us a few drones that can take care of our politicians. 😉 Michael

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