Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

How Old?

I went to bed last night thinking about age. Not my own age, but the age of other people. Those who were stars in my youth, and are still alive today.

I know how old I am, and when I was a teenager, I knew those film stars and singers were older that me. But as I have grown older, they started to get old. Very old. They did this seemingly without me being aware that there was still the age gap that existed when I was watching them on screen or stage. Of course, many have died too, but it is the living ones who are in my thoughts today.

Twitter has many users who habitually congratulate celebrities on their birthdays. There are others who mark the birthdays of famous people who have been dead for perhaps fifty years. Occasionally, the great age of some living stars that I expected to not be much older than me comes over as startling.

Olivia De Havilland, famous for her roles in films as diverse as ‘Gone With The Wind’ and ‘The Snake Pit’ was 104 years old this week. Yes, 104! In my youth, I was greatly attracted to the stunning actress Gina Lollobrigida. Today, she was 93 years old. 93? How is that possible? Do you remember Eva Marie Saint, the American actress? She was 96 today and was born one week before my own mother!

Genvieve Bujold is an actress I used to watch in films like ‘Anne of The Thousand days’, and Coma. She was 78 today. 78! And the delightful Leslie Caron, star of ‘Gigi’, ‘Father Goose’, and ‘Chocolat’. Wait for it, she was 89 years old on the first of this month. 89!

There is something very wrong about all this, and has it dawned on me what it is.

I am a lot older than I ever imagined.

61 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

  1. It is surprising when a star has faded from public view and then you seem them older. There was a Vanity Fair bit about Olivia Dr Havilland a few years ago so I’m used to the idea of her being this old. Still stunning. Best wishes Pete.

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  2. I’m always shocked when a famous actor or actress dies if they were only a few years older than me or even younger. I always wanted to wear a long fishtail dress like Sophia Loren when I grew up or go out to dinner with George Segal but neither of these things ever happened.

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  3. Age is such a unique concept. For so long, we dream of being older because with age comes privileges. At some point, we decide we want to be younger again. Now the years seem to pass much faster, although 2020 has been one long year so far. My mother-in-law turns ninety-seven this week, although she hasn’t recognized any of her children in over five years. Not that it matters because she won’t know who we are, but we can’t visit her in her care home because of the virus.

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    1. I always think that dementia is a terrble curse for so many people who live long lives. To have done all that then be trapped in your own mind must be like torture. I have no doubt I would sooner die while I can still remember who everyone is, and who I am.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I know they are making another sequel to The Matrix (as well as to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure), and I know that Kea Reeves is still doing films, but apparently with the facial implants that so many folks get now. Fortunately men can wear beards to cover that stuff, but what about the women? They are going to look drastically different, although presumably the story will give them an alternative time line or whathaveyou to explain being older instead of dead.

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  4. I sometimes think footballers I knew as a kid must be really old and I’m shocked to learn they’re only 7 or 8 years older than me. Everyone seems ‘ancient ‘ when you’re 10!

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  5. This kind of give credence to the old saying – “If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself!!”
    (I think this every day – next month I turn 70!!)

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  6. Pete, there are some big stars who are edging into or are already in their 90’s, like Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson and Gene Hackman. Sean Connery as well…the legends who left us great films…

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  7. I know why they’re called stars. We see the stars in the cosmos as they were in the past because of the amount of time it takes for light to reach our planet. And we see Hollywood stars as they were in the past because of the amount of time it takes for a movie to be prepared for release on the big screen or online. But at least movie stars leave behind an eternal image of themselves moving, talking, expressing. All some of us have is a few still photos that will be lost forever.

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  8. Paul Newman, Gregory Peck, James Dean all heart-throbs – the only younger man who can compete was David Beckham and even he is beginning to look old now!
    The saddest thing was watching Vera Lynn trying to sing along to one of her old songs.
    We have to resist the idea that we have lived too long and try to make the most of the time we have left. Our bodies may be crumbling but our minds still work.
    Keep creative, Pete. We appreciate it.

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    1. Thanks, Julie. We do seem to love it when our former stars hit the magic 100. But I wonder what’s going on in their heads sometimes. If I make it to 2052, I will let you know! πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


  9. Haha… it shocked me to learn yesterday that McEnroe is younger than me! When I watched him play back in the day I assumed he was older than I was. And when I see my former heartthrob Richard Gere, now I think he is such an old man. But then so am I (woman), sadly my face and body do not match the age I am in my head which is 25! Best to stay away from mirrors I think 😁

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  10. I see Robert Redford on screen, my favourite actor, and he’s a really old man now. I still remember him as the Sundance Kid, so it was a terrible shock when I saw him in ‘A Walk in the Woods’. Oh dear.

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    1. I know. That happens to me so often. Then there is that “Are they still alive?” Followed by a quick check on Google to see how old they are! πŸ™‚
      Redford is 83, and Clint Eastwood is 90!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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