Thinking Aloud on A Sunday

For the love of dogs.

I woke up this morning hoping that Ollie would be okay. He was alright, considering his current problems, and happy to see me of course.

Not long after, one of my good friends telephoned from his home on the south coast, and we had some discussion about what might be causing these problems for my dog.

That got me thinking about how much care and concern there has been for Ollie since I mentioned on this blog that he was ill.

The two posts I published about him being ill received 145 Likes, and over 100 comments. Together, they had 250 views, and some readers also emailed me outside of the blog, or shared the posts on Twitter.

From all over the world, people expressed genuine concern about a dog they had only ever seen photos of, and read about on my blog.

American blogger Elizabeth Slaughter left this touching comment.
‘I am quite worried. I feel as if he is all of our dog.’

Connecting through a love of dogs, or any pets, is yet another example of what a wonderful place our blogging community is.

I would like to thank you all, and to let you know how much that is appreciated.

62 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud on A Sunday

  1. You and ollie are a part of this blogging family Pete. If one person is in trouble, we all will undoubtedly get worried. Don’t worry, everything will be fine very soon. Take care of Ollie and yourself. 💖✌😊

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  2. This is so true. By sharing your adventures with Ollie he’s become a friend as well and part of our daily lives (especially because I don’t have a dog or any other pet, I love to share those of friends). I hope he gets better soon. Hugs to both of you and thanks for brining him into our lives. ♥

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    1. The only people I have come to know well since moving here are other dog owners. Even if I don’t know their name, only that of their dog. They are a real community, not unlike the one we enjoy on WP.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. “Dog is God spelled backwards” – 🙂 And sometimes, the hardest things we face in our hearts, as humans, are easier to handled, discuss, etc., if we talk about our four-legged pets – instead of what’s really going on for us humans – it’s somehow easier – more removed, not so close to ‘the bone’ of stuff – I have never believed that dog/cat/pet lovers love their pets more than their kids/family/friends, I just feel like often, at least with Dogs, they are the companions and the focus we humans make, to talk about stuff that hurts long and deep, that were it not for our dogs, we couldn’t bear opening our mouth or our heart at all, to even ‘discuss/say outloud’ – but that’s just me. I talk about Oakley being my rock, but the truth of the matter? Where else is she going to go without digging/chewing through the fence? She’s rather stuck with me, per se – and that’s why Dog is God spelled backwards – because every dog I’ve ever had showed me way more space/grace AND forgiveness for my ‘human ways’ than two-leggeds consistently did at that time – it’s easy to take that for granted – to come to depend upon it – to see the beauty in them and miss the beauty in humankind when there are so many humans here and there that just…well…’trip one’s triggers’ – 😀 I think folks feel safe to talk about, wax eloquent about, lay their feelings, struggles etc., onto dogs, because, well, I’m not certain WHY Dogs put up with us/our messes, but, they just show up and do so, anyhoo – doesn’t matter what any of use humans think or wonder about it – is it any wonder then…..? LOL

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Tamrah Jo. Of all the dogs I have owned over the years, Ollie has been the most devoted and affectionate. Probably because I got him the same month I retired, and he has been by my side 24/7 since that day.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Wonderful isn’t it? So many caring for Ollie! I hope he is back to normal soon! I follow another blog where cats are the stars and almost cried last week when a beloved kitty boy unexpectedly. It’s always painful, but comforting to know so many truly care.

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  5. Love of animals is a touchstone for so many people and for those who love or have loved a pet as a member of the family, we share the concern when one falls ill — no matter what house he lives in.

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  6. I think it is a worry we all share, especially if we have or have had our own four legged friend. I don’t think Ollie could ask for a better companion than you as your care and consideration goes beyond just having a pet.

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    1. Thanks, Eddy. I had to go to bed early last night, as worrying him about him (and issues with the decorating) got me totally stressed out and exhausted. At least he is no worse today.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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