My lovely blogging friend in India, Suzan Khoja, did a whole post dedicated to Ollie, just to cheer me up. So I simply had to reblog it for everyone to see.

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Hi, y’all. How are you doing?? It’s a nice evening here in India and like all of my dear friends know Pete @BeetleyPete‘s dog, Ollie is sick and he has been very worried about him so I decided to dedicate this post to him. I hope this makes you smile dear Pete. I am sure Ollie will be fine soon. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

So that’s it. Today I posted a little too many pictures, I hope I don’t end up filling my memory but I am glad that I did this. Pete might not have laughed but I am sure he did smile and if Ollie could talk this would be his posts. I will take your leave now, I hope you all are safe and if you then…

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  1. Thank you so much for the reblog Pete. I usually read your post although I don’t comment straight away and since Ollie got sick, I could feel the tension in your writing. I just couldn’t bear it. You and Ollie are a part of this blogging family and if one of my family members is in trouble or worried, I will be there for them. I can’t help you out there but I thought I could at least make you feel a little better. I hope you are fine Pete. Just take care of yourself and Ollie💖✌😊.

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    1. It was a pleasure to reblog, Suzan, and I really did apprecaite what you did for me.
      Ollie is still doing okay, and I am much less stressed now he is feeling better. I thought my little friend was going to die.
      Best wishes, Pete. xx


      1. Thanks, Pete. I know you have been tensed and I didn’t know how I could help, I am glad you are doing better now. That little guy will not die so soon. He is a fighter and fighters survive all the attacks. He will fine very soon. 💖✌😊

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