A Reblog Offer!

Now I have posted the last one in my ‘Blogger’s Books feature, I have another free and genuine offer for everyone, in the hope of continuing to support our blogging community.

Do you have a favourite post that you wish more people could see?

How about a post that you really like, but has never had many views?

Is there a lonely and neglected post on your blog that not a single person has read?

If so, or for any other reason, I will reblog your post for you on beetleypete.com

It will also be shared on Twitter, and have the potential to be seen by my 6,000+ blog followers.

Whether you want to kickstart your blog, feature a favourite, or just get your name out there, then I will reblog on here, and see what happens.

(As usual, you have to be a follower of this blog, or follow me on Twitter. No sales, advertising, or merchandising posts will be allowed, but I am happy if you want to promote a book you have published. Make sure you have a reblog button on your site that I can use, and send me the full link to your post at petejohnson50@yahoo.com
All posts will be checked by me before being reblogged, but will not be edited.)

32 thoughts on “A Reblog Offer!

  1. Thank you, Pete. I may take you up on your generous offer. Behind the occasional complaint about the weather or those bloggers who ask you to follow them, we all know that you’re a big softie. Shhh! Don’t let the word get out.

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