Ollie Cools Down

Well, not just Ollie. Me too.

After many days of uncomfortable heat and sleepless nights, the weather broke down in many parts of Britain yesterday. For some people that ended in disaster, after torrential rain caused a landslide near Aberdeen that derailed a train. Three people sadly lost their lives, and others were injured.

In some areas of the UK, rainfall was so severe that streets flooded, and cars were floating around like boats. Houses were struck by lightning, power lost, and damage done to buildings. Where I live in the East, we were spared the spectacular storms, but they are due to arrive here over the next few days.

Although we didn’t get the storms, what we did get in Beetley was a 10 C drop in temperature compared to this time yesterday. With today’s maximum set to be an unremarkable 25 C, it was a relief to see Ollie enjoying his walk without panting, and limiting himself to one trip into the river for a drink.

I am hoping that the storms don’t keep me awake tonight if they arrive, as I could do with a very big sleep.

But if they do, it might be preferable to being kept awake by stifling and unusual heat.

60 thoughts on “Ollie Cools Down

  1. Thank goodness the heat wave broke and the rains arrived. It is sad that many are now suffering due to the extreme onslaught of rain. I do hope you get a good night’s sleep! Ollie must be elated.

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  2. The weather here in Mumbai is great nowadays, rains and cool breeze and amazing temperature for the day! Happy to hear about good weather at your place but sad about floods , thunderstorms and problems people are facing.
    Take care!


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    1. I am bracing myself for the expected downpours, Don. After an unusually long dry spell here, the ground is hard, and I anticipate issues with the guttering overflowing and drainage being unable to cope.
      Fingers crossed!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Glad for the better weather but sad about the lives lost. We are too experiencing thunderstorms after many days of stifling heat and frugal rains (it would rain for 5 min to make weather humid and uncomfortable and then it would get super-sunny). Early this morning we had so much rain that it seeped in through closed windows. I spent 3 hours mopping the floor frequently. Since we have floor beds, we had to change sleeping plan to suit the situation.

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  4. We had some thunder and bad weather here as well…it didn’t cool down one bit though😔 It’s still very uncomfortable here. Will be glad when this heatwave is over, as I’m definitely not build for it 😂

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    1. Few countries in northern Europe are designed to cope with such record heat, Michel. Our homes and services are geared up for winter and cooler weather. I hope things improve for you over there soon.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. What’s all this about entering details? Is that why I can’t read my comments – because other people haven’t done that? Why should I give my email password to wordpress? I don’t understand what is happening.

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    1. That hasn’t happened to me, Julie. Sorry if a WP glitch has got to you, but I haven’t changed anything on my blog regarding comments. I hope it clears up soon.
      Try refreshing the page when that happens, and it sometimes goes away.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  6. I sleep better with cool and rain…..glad to hear that Ollie is having a pleasurable time now…..still hot as Hell here….102 yesterday and 80 at walk time this morning at 0500. I am envious….LOL chuq

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