The Toxicity of Influencer Culture

Reblogging this message about social media influencers. Worth reading.

Mind. Beauty. Simplicity

The average American throws away 65 pounds of clothing per year. There is this constant urge for MORE and NEW where it just becomes an endless cycle of overconsumption. And with the age of social media & influencers, this trend isn’t leaving us anytime soon.

If I was younger in this generation, I’d be a complete mess. With items being just a click away & a saturated amount of photos & videos depicting these “so called perfect lives” at your finger tips, how isn’t this lifestyle affecting people’s wellbeing?

Sometimes I miss the 90’s because to me, the pre-digital age was simple. Children still went outside to play. Now parents have to monitor screen time. People’s lives were a bit more mysterious & your past didn’t follow you as easily.

The world of technology, although is quite convenient; it can also cause a burden in the comparison battle.

Even at…

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47 thoughts on “The Toxicity of Influencer Culture

  1. Great post! My IG has been growing pretty fast since starting my blog & I completely agree with what you’re saying. I feel like I’m constantly on it, trying to engage & build my “brand” by posting content that shows me living my best life. But truly living my best life would be putting my phone down & actually ENJOYING it.
    I also agree that influencers are adding to mass consumption of productions that we don’t really need.

    Ty for the reminder!

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  2. Its so true,but otherwise it had borught a lot of people income too. As i had read during the last year the new influencer hashtags are more for second hand, re used clothing.I remember the great textil industries in Great Britain. “ManchesterTweet” is always sounding in my ears. At least we have to find a solution not harming our environment too much. Thank you for mentioning this, Pete! Best wishes, Michael

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  3. Until a few years ago, I didn’t know that Influencers were a ‘thing’; the transformation came when I learned that a young member of my extended family is one [as well as being an actor and having a degree in physics!]. I don’t understand how people can make a living doing it, but it appears that the most successful ones can. It’s anathema to me, I’m afraid: I’ve long held the view that fashion [both the concept and the industry] is one of, if not the most unnecessary industry on the planet, and yet so many people are slaves to it. “If I ruled the world………” 😉 Cheers, Jon.

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