Featured blogger: Suzan Khoja

Suzan is a young blogger who lives in India. She is a confirmed book lover who also tackles serious subjects on her blog, like body-shaming.


Anyone who has ever visited her blog or has been lucky enough to have her as a follower will be aware that she is fully-engaged, lively, friendly, and very entertaining. Her book reviews range from childhood favourites like comics, to serious classic novels such as Orwell’s ‘1984’. There is definitely something for everyone on her blog.

This is what she has to say about herself.

Be Free!!
These days all I hear is people don’t have time to read or don’t know what to read. People feel shy reading in public because they get labelled as ‘Nerds’ and are often insulted. Athletes and social butterflies who love reading hide to avoid embarrassment. I am here rebelling against those human shaming people that force readers to hide their love. They actually forget that they read everything including text messages to time on their watch. It’s a rebellion against the racism created by the cool people for the love of BOOKS, for ourselves. Join me in this rebellion, help me spread my word, help me encourage readers, help me bring out their best and loveable side. Books are the imaginary world we all need. It solves half of our problems. Click on that tiny button and join me for not only book reviews but many more things like reviews on apps, fashion, technology and the situations that usually occur in our lives. Join me for a nice chat with a cup of coffee and all your problems on the table.

She has some regular features, like ‘Bookish Friday’.


And ‘Literary Monday’.


There are author interviews too.


More about her.

Hey guys, if you are reading this, thank you for your precious time. I love books, they have been my life since childhood. As I am the only child, I don’t have anyone to share my views, opinions and discuss what I like and dislike. This blog is like my mirror image. I post all my opinions about books, society and everything that comes to my heart. So if you like my blog please share it with me. Discuss your opinions on my blog and tell me your suggestions, I would love to hear you all. Thank you once again for reading.

Suzan also posts about Indian culture and celebrations, as well as family life, and the day to day routine. During the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, she has also written about the impact of the virus on India, and her own city.

Please take a moment to read more of her blog, and get to know her better.

21 thoughts on “Featured blogger: Suzan Khoja

  1. Thank you Suzan for your introductory speech. You are absolutely right about the book reader . I don’t know why bookreading is slowing down. Mostly might engage in gadgets . But Books are always our friends. I have read your blog . Keep it up please. Thank you so much for getting opportunity to publish your article in Pete’s blog. Thanks for it to Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Its so good to read about Suzan. Thank you, Pete.

    I love reading and my kids too. They are voracious readers, actually.
    I think its a very good habit cause then you always have a company, no matter where you are. People will think, what they want to, according to their own capability.

    Thank you for sharing this post and blog. Will surely visit her blog too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Somehow I missed this post earlier today! As always very nice of you to share this😊 I’m currently at the limit on the number of blogs that I’m following, but I will keep her in mind, as she sounds like she has content that I’m interested in😊 Definitely sure that she will appreciate this Pete, and I’m sure she will get back to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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