153 thoughts on “UPDATE! WordPress Owners: Please Read

  1. I got here too late as well. I saw a link to it, but not the actual post. I’m forever being told I am in breach of some Amazon rule when I publish reviews, and quite a few times they’ve acknowledged their automated systems were at fault. I can’t imagine why you can’t get in touch with somebody who works for WordPress, as long as the e-mail is their work e-mail and not a personal one, but I guess they know the rules. That doesn’t solve the basic problem though…
    Thanks for trying, Pete.

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  2. I am sorry I missed this post before it was taken down. I saw information about it and an email address on another bloggers page and sent in my two cents worth for what ever good it will do. Thanks for what, I gathered through the comments, was a great post about keeping or returning the classic editor in all it’s glory!

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