Bad mood

Hi everyone.

As you might have guessed, I have been in quite a bad mood for a couple of days.

No idea why, maybe it is Covid-19 fatigue? Not sure.

I managed to post an episode of Vera’s Life this evening, but I am very behind on the blogs of those who I follow.

I have to sign off for now, and hope to catch up with your posts some other time.


68 thoughts on “Bad mood

  1. Understood, Pete. It is probably a combination of the virus working on your mind along with the extra posts you’ve been publishing. You might be headed for a burn-out. Just ease up a bit and give your mind a chance to think of other things.

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  2. Quarantine, leaky ceilings9for me), and just a combination of other things… take a break, walk Ollie and then settle down, close the curtains open a nice bottle of red, a film, and chocolate…x

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  3. It’s #QuarantineLife I think, Pete…I’m in a lousy mood, not helped by the very sorry state of our union over here…just bad news, fighting, lies and deceit every single day…and with a mask on! Take a well deserved break and crack a nice bottle of wine…

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  4. I reckon a few of us have been feeling like you. Life is kind of in limbo at the moment. No one quite knows where they are. Take time Pete. Can you treat yourself to something! Hope you feel better soon. Hugs xx

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  5. No worries Pete. Sometimes it’s good to take a break as well. Hopefully you will feel better again tomorrow. It’s definitely not something to apologise for: only shows your human right? My health has been very bad the past couple of days, but I’m trying to hang in there as best I can. Hope to catch again soon! 😊 Take care πŸ˜‰

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