Royal News Blackout

*** UPDATE***

Please see Fraggle’s comment below. This clip is supposedly from 2018, according to the people who posted it, and not from yesterday

I am reblogging this from my other site, as I feel it is very important.


Unless you have seen it featured on Twitter, you will be unaware of a loud protest by a fair-sized crowd outside Buckingham Palace in London today.

This is a protest against Prince Andrew’s involvement in the trafficking of underage girls for sex, part of the Epstein scandal in America. The Prince has also declined to appear in court in America, where he might face charges of sex with underage girls at the Epstein mansion.

Not that Andrew is in the palace. The Queen isn’t there either, and has decided ‘not to return for some time’. I doubt anyone is in there, except the poorly-paid staff, and royal lackeys who keep the whole thing going at the taxpayer’s expense.

That in itself is disturbing enough, the fact that Royal privilege means he is exempt from being extradited to America to give evidence. He cannot be arrested by US Federal agents in…

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28 thoughts on “Royal News Blackout

  1. And so no, it wasn’t in my newspaper, and the reason is that the video is over 2 years old. The chap who posted it has put in the description “Saw this clip and several others on social media claiming to be about a protest that took place today (23-8-20) but its actually footage from an older protest (date unclear). The people creating a fictious protest appear to be trying to hijack opposition to child trafficking and exploitation to push fringe conspiracies. Please stay on guard.”

    So fake news Pete I’m afraid.

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    1. I replied on RFF, but saw one clip with date/timer running. (There were many other clips, I just used the one with the less shaky filming.) I suppose we will never know, as I certainly don’t remember that from two years ago either, and would have been aware at the time, I’m sure
      Thanks, FR.
      Best wishes, Pete.


        1. No problem. Like I said, I watched around a dozen different clips, and only posted the piece because one had the date on it. It seems that everything is disinformation now though, even many BBC reports. We can’t win! 🙂 At least what they were protesting about is almost 100% true.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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    2. To Fragglerocking: Don’t you hate fringe groups that try to hijack something serious? Either way, the wake of all of this stuff about Prince Andrew, do you remember a satirical British puppet shoe called Spitting Image? If so, tell me how uncanny this joke is and keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    1. Yes, we get that reporting, though mostly because US and other foreign media broke the story. This demonstration at the palace has not been covered by anyone, anyhere in the world. That aspect worries me, as it indicates an ‘escalation’ of abuse of power.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I haven’t had a daily newspaper for over 20 years. I was surpised that nothing leaked onto ANY news network. If had been people protesting about anything except a Royal, you can bet it would have been item one.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. As someone who has worked with victims of sex trafficking, I am appalled at the privilege shown to Prince A just because he is a member of the royal family. But, then again, as an American, I am also appalled that we have a President that seems to get away with sex crimes as well. So I live in a glass house and cannot throw a stone.

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    1. Thanks, Angie. Royal privilege has gone too far over here, and presidential privilege seems to be following on its heels. There seems to be little or no justcice for the victims when the perpetrators are that influential.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Certain media still deny the existence of Fake News. But it’s real. Very real. However, as you pointed out, there’s another side to the news: the secret side; the side not reported; the side swept under the rug.

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