Classic Editor.

Fraggle has kindly produced some easy to use tutorials for the Block Editor/Classic Option. Read her full post to access the links.
Thanks, FR! 🙂

Fraggle's Other Place

I promised Kim at By Hook or by Book Blog, that I would do a quick tutorial on how to access the classic editor in the new block editor, for when or if they finally remove the original classic editor from your choices. I already did one for how to keep the new block editor simple and there’s now a menu option on this blog’s page to access both tutorials, entitled WordPress Tutorials. I know, not very original but I like things plain.

I am not a techy person, and I am a hobby blogger, not using it for commerce or as a business, so these tutorials are for people like me who like to ‘keep things simple stoopid’!

The why’s and wherefore’s of WP decisions regarding the software are being discussed all over the place, and I am sure if enough people are railing against the new editor the…

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40 thoughts on “Classic Editor.

  1. I’ve noticed WP really pushing the business side of blogging lately. My conspiracy theorist self is wondering if/when they’ll try either to discourage hobby bloggers or make the free option unavailable. Maybe they’re already doing that.

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    1. Exactly my thoughts, and I never espouse conspiracy theories. As soon as I heard about it, I said this must be a gimmick to make money somehow.

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      1. I think that’s why the ads on the free plan are for kind of unpleasant things–fungal nail cures, etc. Who wants that stuff to show up in the middle of their carefully prepared posts. For a small fee you can get rid of them. I thought it was worth the price of the Personal plan. And as long as WP makes the same or more by selling the plan upgrades as they would from the ads, everyone’s happy.

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    2. They don’t seem to realise that once they get rid of the hobby bloggers and users of the free blog, their advertisers will no longer have a big enough market to bother with. I suspect they are set upon becoming a business-only platform, and this is the start of many more changes to come.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I had to laugh at ‘where’s all my bits and pieces!!’ (toolbar is probably the word you were looking for). Good tutorials Fraggle, you don’t sound anything like what I imagined though 😁

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