Domestic Disruption Ended: Almost!

After delays due to the Coronavirus lockdown, and then a problem when the first painter had to leave the job halfway through, the kitchen/diner has finally been painted! The new painters finished the units and cupboards yesterday, and they make the room look a lot more modern now.

Ollie has had to be kept out of there for two days, and his routine was disrupted, which he hates of course. And he had to sleep in the living room, with his food and water bowls moved into the small hallway outside the bathroom. As a treat, we took him to Castle Acre yesterday, for a change of scene. Of course, he would have preferred to stay at Beetley Meadows, so spent his walk around the Priory grounds hanging back and crying…

Today’s job is to investigate new flooring for the dining section. It previously had horrible old carpet tiles, which we threw away last year. Now we have to get something laid under the table and chairs, and when that is done, it will finally be finished.

I am definitely not getting any other tradesmen in until 2021, and maybe not even then!

44 thoughts on “Domestic Disruption Ended: Almost!

  1. Diner… I love your British terms. Any home project seems to be enormous these days. Everything is delayed because construction is in high demand. We had a FaceTime talk this morning with the contractor who is renovating a small bathroom. It’s a little complicated because we’re adding a shower. The industry came to a halt in March, and we’re now looking at January to get this done. Sheesh! Did you hate every minute of shopping for flooring today? It is overwhelming with the number of choices.

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    1. Actually kitchen/diner is something imported from across the Atlantic some time ago. We usually just say kitchen, but I add that to show that it is a bigger than average room.
      The main issue with the flooring is that most of our choices were out of stock. Hence having to pay twice what we expected for what was available now. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. If you’re like me, then you’re always relieved when it’s all done, and the contractor hasn’t run into any “unexpected problems.” It’s as much the mental challenges as well as the physical inconveniences.

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  3. Mine could use some renovation, but I’m afraid if we disturb anything, it may fall on someone. Namely me! Nothing worse than delays when you need something done right away. Best of luck on the flooring.

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    1. Hard to know what to call it. ‘Dining kitchen’ perhaps. The kitchen bit is an extension, and the dining area where the kitchen used to be. πŸ™‚
      Just back from looking at flooring!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. We’re waiting on getting our windows replaced. The permits have been pulled, but the windows are being held up because of the virus. The partial wall in the Florida room needs to be rebuilt to support the new windows, so we’re “on-hold” for the moment. Hopefully that will be the end for us with workmen!!

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  5. Glad it is almost done – apart from the flooring and the track lighting and…? Poor Ollie, his life disrupted and then the final straw of being forced to walk round a strange place leaving his beloved Beetley Meadow. No wonder he cried.

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