How Much Fur?

Ollie is a short-haired breed of dog, but when it is moulting season, you might be forgiven for thinking this makes no difference. The amount of fur he can shed on a daily basis is nothing short of phenomenal. It is a miracle he is not completely bald, believe me.

Substantial tufts of hair dance across the kitchen tiles like tumbleweed in a wild-west town, and the blanket on his bed looks like the floor of the local hairdresser’s shop. No amount of brushing makes even the slightest impact on the constant shedding, and our clothes bear witness to the fact that he only has to walk past you to completely cover you in a mulitcoloured selection of hairs.

Even as I type this, stray hairs have migrated from my sleeves onto the keyboard.

Of course, we try our hardest to tackle the seasonal fur invasion. Using the vacuum cleaner every day, often twice a day. The only thing in the container when it is emptied is a compressed cylinder of Ollie fur, which does at least show we are not untidy or messy otherwise. But no matter if I spent all day running the device back and forth across the carpets, I would never get to the point where it stopped scooping up yet more fur.

Ollie’s appearance suffers as a result. He is now at least seven different colours, with patches of dark brown in amongst lighter shades, and thin areas of fur on his legs that look like the back of a balding man’s head. This ragged patchwork appearance makes him look neglected and scruffy, which is a shame. Especially when I know the opposite is true.

Next week, he is going for a bath and grooming session on Thursday, the earliest appointment available. The last time, the lady removed a full bin-liner of fur before washing him.

This time, I suspect she might need a second bin liner.

57 thoughts on “How Much Fur?

  1. Our dog (yellow lab) sheds all year long, but my wife and I have also discussed how our dog can have any hair left. This time of the year, it’s rather comical how much hair comes off when we brush her.

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  2. We have the twice a year major shed also. We have a new vacuum called The Animal I think which does a great job if only some one uses it! The time we had her groomed they charged us overtime for how much work it required.

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    1. Our vacuum is called a G-Tech Air Ram K9 and is supposed to be good at getting pet hair off the carpets. It certainly does that, but the reservoir is small, so I have to empty it three times just do do the living room. At least it is rechargable, so there is no trailing wire to worry about.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. He never has his fur cut, only brushed out and washed. He looks great when I pick him up, but as soon as he is in the river next day, it all seems like a waste of £32! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete. xx


  3. Well, if it’s a natural process there is very little to be done about it I guess. But jeezz…that sure is a lot of work you have to do each day because of it. I’m sure that eventually Ollie will look fine again though😊

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