Another Job Jobbed

When I was young, my parents would always say that anytime they finished doing something around the house. As young as I was, I always thought it was a rather silly expression.

Now I am older, I still avoid using it. However, I have come to appreciate the sense of relief, if not satisfaction, when those routine jobs are over.

After ten days with a broken heating/hot water boiler, and trying to remember to keep switching on (and off) the electric back up, the boiler has been fixed. My son-in-law arrived earlier, and has been working for three hours to replace faulty parts, and get it going. The amount of dirt and soot inside the relatively small boiler cabinet had to be seen to be believed, and I was once again glad that it is situated in the garage, rather than the house.

It didn’t help that it has been raining torrentially all day, and walking in and out has left the floors of the garage and connecting shed covered in a wet sooty sludge that cannot be walked on until it has had time to dry out. Unfortunately, the freezer and large second fridge both live in the shed, so I have had to dump old towels onto the floor to be able to walk back and forth to the house without treading in sooty footprints.

After a week when the kitchen cupboards were painted, and the flooring measured ready to order and have fitted, I am relieved that the boiler has been fixed too, allowing the possibility of actually having a ‘day off’ of household disruptions on Sunday.

And I found myself thinking, “That’s another job jobbed”.

55 thoughts on “Another Job Jobbed

    1. My mum’s other favourite was ‘What a palaver”. 🙂
      Learn to pronounce
      unnecessarily elaborate or complex procedure.
      “there’s a lot of palaver involved”
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Ah, yes. Another Job Jobbed. That was a lot being done all around you for the past while. One thing I dread, is a water tank not heating the water. Of course, this time of year in our area. You can take a shower with just the cold water running.

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  2. Man I seriously don’t envy you. We had a renovation here a couple of years back, and because of that we had to live in a hotel for two months. When it was all done, the mess left behind was unbelievable. So yeah, I can feel your pain. I hope things all over soon Pete, and it’s at least nice that you will be able to have a bit of a relaxing sunday😊

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