65 thoughts on “My First Post Using the New Block Editor

  1. I am so sorry, my friend, that you have been struggling with WP. I thought I was just being crazy and the only one that my block editor and other components don’t want to work for me. I hope things get better for you! You’re a great blogger and shouldn’t have to deal with all that BS. Nobody should have to deal with it. I don’t have a laptop and have been trying to use apps and through the browser and it’s been really hard to work it! Smh. Sending you lots of love.♥️♥️♥️

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  2. I am so sorry you have to go through this. I use the WordPress app and it’s going great. You should just download the app in your laptop, it also has the WordPress classic editor. 🤩🤗💖 I hope your problem gets solved soon.

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  3. I HATE the block editor. Why oh why did WPress think they had to do this?? Makes me a bit angry, to be honest. Why change a good thing? I read what some of your readers (like Mona/Sarah) do to “make it easy to use the new block editor” and rolled my eyes. More than double the work to do what we did easily before. Arrrrgggghhhh (can you hear me scream? Sorry ‘bou that. But thanks for the fun cartoon.

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  4. Brilliant Pete and so true.. and apart from all of those who are quite happy with the Classic Editor and are being told that it is ‘Your blog, Our Way’…there is the little matter of the many thousands sight impaired bloggers whose current software however sophisticated is not compatible with the block editor. As well as bowing to the commercial users which can use WordPress.org.. leave us freebies on .com to get on with it. I will find every work around I can to avoid as I have formats in place for book marketing etc that I don’t want to muck around with. I would even be happy to pay wordpress a fiver a month to be left alone..

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    1. Thanks, Sally. Yes, I would pay to stay the same (I already pay for an upgrade) but I am aware that there are millions who could not afford even a small sum. I am seriously rethinking my blogging activities in the light of the forthcomng changes.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. That really made me laugh! I write my first blog post this morning and I managed that and put in a couple of pics – but I could not find out where to access the tags, the categories or my previous tag and category lists nor, where to schedule. I pressed every button in sight!

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  6. Great post 🙂 I just hope everything is okay with WordPress because Steve left a comment under my Billy Wilder post that I had not been aware of until today and I got no notification of it from them. Contrary to your skepticism of WordPress, I will give them the benefit of the doubt here and maybe treat that as some kind of glitch on their part – it is just worrisome. Steve loved my favorite Billy Wilder films list btw 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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  7. Funny post! My stuff would likely have looked like that, too — if I had published it. I didn’t; no guts!

    I’m no expert, Pete, but I think the Block Editor is actually easier than you think.

    This is what I do, and it seems to work all right: I write my blog in Word, putting in all the H2 (and other) headers. I put notes within my copy about images [insert image here]. Still in Word, I Bold my headers. I set up my list of Tags, separating them with commas. When I’m satisfied with the content, I copy the entire post and paste it into a New Post on WordPress. After that, I do find I have to click on each header and make it an H2. Then I insert pictures in various sections or insert a Main Photo (forgot what it’s called); copy and insert the tags, decide on and write the Snippet (I am still working on that); take a last look to assure that I haven’t forgotten anything. Finally, I schedule the publication date or publish it right away. That seems to work for me — why don’t you give it a try?

    It just seems that this method works for me. Now, having said all that, I have a question about how to do something, myself. Pete, I’d like your permission to seek assistance.

    I appreciate you, Pete, and your blog so, so much. You often have the nerve to speak on things I’d be petrified to mention on my blog — so thanks for being my voice.

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    1. I don’t even have MS Word. I find it too confusing, to be honest. My computer skills are minimal at best, as I finished full-time education in 1969 when we still had three just channels on the TV here. Many people still didn’t have a phone in their house, and a mobile Internet device was science-fiction.

      But thanks for the tip, which will help others. Appreciated.

      Why would you be ‘petrified’ to be outspoken on your blog? I don’t get that. I have had a lot of ‘nerve’ my whole life. Whether political, or personal, I have always tried to stand up for what is right. There are an estimated 75 + million blogs, probably over 100 million. They won’t care what you say, I am sure.

      Whether or not the block editor is easier than I think is not the issue. The issue is that WP grew to its current market-leadership on the backs of hobby bloggers who were happy to use the easy, basic editor,. Then WP happily threw us out of the window to chase more profits with business customers. So Capitalism is the issue, and always has been, since I was a child. It will be the issue until I die.
      (Which will probably be quite soon, given the Block Editor!)

      Okay, so what assistance do you require? And why are you anonymous as ‘Editor’? 🙂
      I hope that your first name is not ‘;Block’, or we cannot be friends! 🙂

      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Oh, Pete! Of course, my name is not “Block” — it’s Mona — although you always call me Sarah (I think because that’s the name I use on my blog, Wet Nose Central) — and I think I’m a few years your senior. I use Word because it’s what I used when I was a Legal Secretary (43 years! Yikes!)

        As to my blog, I have the sense that I should keep a middle ground attitude so that I can attract more subscribers. “Ruffling feathers” isn’t the way. (I don’t have any subscribers at this point, anyway, so I am kind of haphazard about posting.). I stick to my topic: Dogs. I’m not an expert; just a woman who loves them. I find things that I like everywhere I go and do a blog in which I share what I’m learning. I re-blogged your post about what dogs don’t care about.

        Anyway, my issue: “Everyone” says you have to give people something to get them to subscribe to your blog. So I created a downloadable book called Puzzling and Coloring, containing images to color and puzzles to work out. No one has signed on to get it, so I decided to take it down. Problem is: I don’t know how! The offer seems to be right at the top of my blog, but it doesn’t seem to work.

        So the help I need is: 1) how to make the existing offer work or 2) how to take it down and replace it with one that does.

        I appreciate your explanation, Pete, about WP’s scurvy attitude toward us “little people” v corporate “big bucks.” Thank you.

        Thanks, everyone for any help you might offer about my “freebie”!


        1. Pete, did I give you the URL? It’s https://WetNoseCentral.com That’s not a shameful bid for attention or an ad; you asked for it, right? Pete, if you have any ideas — or if anyone does — that I should do to get people to give it a look, I’m open and ready to do what I need to do. Thank you, again; help is most appreciated.

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          1. Ah, it’s you! 🙂 🙂 I understand now.
            When I get back from holiday next weekend, if nobody has told you how to do this, I will feature the offer on my blog instead, and see if I can generate some interest in your colouring book. Hope that sounds okay with you.
            Best wishes, Pete.

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          2. I just checked your blog. It is the ‘Gift’, at the top right?
            If so, the link doesn’t work for me either, so if the click-box needs to be removed from your page. I will ask someone how to do that for you when I get back next weekend. 🙂

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  8. Lol, this was too funny😂😂 I have to admit though, I am getting the hang of it now, especially because of the videos that Fraggle sent me. At least I’ve managed to write some posts this weekend, for which I’m glad😅😅

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