Help Needed: Mona’s Blog

Mona needs some techical help with her blog, and it’s beyond me!

On the top of her home page, she has a box marked ‘GIFT’. The link to the item in question has been removed, but she cannot remove the box from her home page.

If anyone out there can give her a tip as to how to do this, she would be grateful.

26 thoughts on “Help Needed: Mona’s Blog

  1. I DID IT! Thanks to you wonderful folks, the non-working GIFT box has been removed from my site!

    Dear Back roads and other stories – This didn’t remove it. It’s not listed as a “page,” and there is no title in that area.

    Dear Ron Walker – I don’t see any reference to the Gift here, either.

    Dear Wilfredbooks – Your suggestion scared the beejezus out of me! I know (and understand) ZIP about code. The very thought of it turns my mind to jelly. But you were so kind to offer help, I HAD to bite the bullet. After I figured out how to get into the code and then found line 287, there was nothing there remotely related to GIFT, and for lines and lines the word did not appear. What an adventure THAT was.

    So, emboldened by all of your suggestions, I decided to click in EVERY area! Finally got back to Appearance, Customize, where I found Customize Header and Primary Menu. There I found GIFT and deleted it. With a shaky finger, I pressed Publish and POOF! it was gone.

    I am so, so grateful to everyone for all your help and supportive words.

    Now, I gotta figure out how to give the freebie.

    Pete, you’re the BEST!

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  2. WOW! Thank you, Everyone, for your tips. I’ve been out all day, so just got on the computer. I am going to sign off here and go try each suggestion. Then I’ll come back and tell you what happened. Thanks, Pete! I appreciate you sooo much.

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  3. My suggestion might not be for the faint-hearted, but using my amateur knowledge of HTML, it should be possible, by looking at the page in the ‘view as HTML’ option [not sure if that’s the right wording, sorry], then finding line 287; if WordPress doesn’t show line numbers in the view as HTML option, go to View in the browser main menu, click on Developer, then View Source, which will open a new tab showing the page code with line numbers. This is the Chrome method: it might be slightly different in other browsers [there might be a Developer option in the main menu]. Either way, you want the page source.

    Find line 287 and delete Gift
    If this affects the page layout, reinstate the code, then just delete Gift Then save it!

    That should do the trick! Hope that helps. Cheers, Jon.

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    1. Sorry, the code didn’t show! I’ll have to show it a different way :p Delete leftchevrondiv class=”ast-custom-html”rightchevronleftchevronbuttonrightchevronGiftleftchevron/buttonrightchevronleftchevron/divrightcvhevron

      You get the idea!

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      1. You’re very welcome, I’m very glad I could help. I probably didn’t explain it as well as I could, but WordPress evidently has a mechanism that prevents code being posted in comments, presumably for security reasons. I know code can seem daunting, but I’ve been tinkering about with it for some years now, and coded 2 websites of my own without a safety net 😉 and, although they’re not as spiffy as most, they work; having said that, most browsers now label them as ‘unsafe’ because they use the http protocol, instead of the ‘safer’ https protocol. I know I have to address that, so I’m looking to migrate them to AWS, which is very cheap compared to most internet service providers, but it is quite a complicated process, so I’ve a lot of reading and head scratching to do…….. Still, winter’s a comin’ 😉 Cheers, Jon.

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  4. If Back Roads tips doesn’t work.

    Check down on the left side, below the pages area.
    Click Appearance
    Look down and click on Menus

    You should find the item listed there. Use the pull down arrow and click the remove option. That should take care of it.

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