A Dull Day: Ollie On The Beach

(All photos can be doubly enlarged by clcicking on them)

On the only dull and slightly chilly day of my recent holiday, I took Ollie onto the beach at Chapel St. Leonards.
As you can see, he was not at all impressed. His tail is not at ‘full curl’!

With bad light for photography, I resorted to taking this photo of some spiky beach plants.

54 thoughts on “A Dull Day: Ollie On The Beach

  1. Has it been days since your last post? You’ve had me conditioned to expecting one, two, sometimes three posts a day from you. Now just a couple of posts a week, perhaps? Well, I hope you are enjoying your freedom since you de-shackled yourself from your computer! Ha!

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    1. Ever since I said I wouldn’t be posting for a while, I have been ill with the flu. Today is no exception, with hot/cold flushes, a ‘full’ head, and no energy. I still intend not to post for some time, but I am around online, commenting on the blogs that I follow, or answering emails.
      It’s nice to be missed. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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  2. Photo #1: I think I see a bird in the water, and a bird in the air. There may very well be two birds in the bush, but none in the hand.
    Photo #2: Ollie’s tail is at half mast because he’s grieving for the dead mollusks whose tiny seashells can be seen in the sand.
    Photo #3: “Don’t tread on me!” (spiky beach plant)

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