A Few Hours With the Block Editor

So, one post went okay, then everything fell apart. I have the option of numerous prompts and tutorials to explore, but why should I? This is just hateful. I started blogging as a relaxing hobby, not as a constant learning curve that I do not want to endure or struggle with.

If WordPress was a person, I would beat them to within an inch of their life.

I will still be following your blogs until my paid plan expires, but for now it is ‘goodbye’ from Beetleypete.

(Oh, the categories and tags have disappeared again. What a surprise!)

60 thoughts on “A Few Hours With the Block Editor

  1. Just make me cry…please don’t go Pete. I will miss you so much. Can’t you try the WordPress app??? It shows both the editors and I use classic to write now as the block editor doesn’t work on the app. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ don’t go. PleaseπŸ™πŸ™

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  2. Well I’m not surprised Pete, I think your mind has been closed to the BE since it was first announced, and when you are so against it there’s no way you’d learn it happily. I hope you’ll pop in now and then and let us know how you’re doing and how Ollie is getting along. You have a huge fan club and will be sorely missed.

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    1. I will still be around on the blogs I follow, Mary. I really don’t need anymore frustrations in my life that involve struggling with technology. It will do me good to stop blogging.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. What annoys me is that it should be possible to get at the html of the whole page in order to teak things, but as far as I can see all you can get at is the html for each block. So even someone like me who used to code web pages is unhappy with it.

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  4. Pete – I know we’re in different countries but I still have a choice between Classic and Bloc Editors. When I go to “posts” to begin a new piece I go to the Add New button. If I simply press it I get the Bloc Editor. But next to the Add New button I have a downward arrow scroll button. If I press it BEFORE I press Add New I get a choice between Classiceand Bloc. If I don’t press the scroll button I automatically get Bloc.

    Do you have a similar setup or only in America?

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    1. I found the classic choice the first time, and then it disappeared. I am tired of playing their game, Frank. I pay for a service I no longer get, and I don’t intend to suffer their rules any longer.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Sorry to hear it Pete but a hobby should be enjoyable, not torture. Perhaps you can continue to send your stories to other sites that have featured you without having to use WordPress. Stay safe and enjoy your new hobbies, whatever they may be! I have appreciated your blogging support.

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  6. Oh, Pete! I am so sad to read this post! I very much enjoy reading about you and Julie and Ollie. Makes me feel like I have friends in the UK. I really hope this isn’t the end . . .

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    1. Thanks, Lauren. Everyone has been very helpful, but when you have had enough, that’s a good sign. What’s to stop then changing it again in January, and then after that? I spent so much of my life re-learning things I already knew. Maybe the time has come to stop doing what I am told.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. 😒 Well…I just left you a comment on your previous post, and then stumbled onto this one😒 I really want to help you out if I can Pete. As I said, I can sent a couple of screenshots your way, and hopefully those will help.

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    1. That’s kind Michel, but I think I have seen the writing on the wall.
      It reads ‘Mene, mene. tekel upharsin’. The moving finger writes, and moves on.
      I am moving on. Stay in touch, my friend.
      best wishes, Pete.


  8. Pete, I have a business account, but I have noticed that if I want to open a story to edit, the bottom lineup of options includes “edit” on the left, then “classic editor”, and I click that and it’s the good old days!

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