Nothing Getting Done

Do you ever have those times when nothing seems to get done? I do, and this is one of them

Day 17 of rain means nothing has been done outside for almost three weeks, unless you count creating a blanket dam to stop the shed flooding completely. I would like to have cleared the gutters, so that they managed the downpours better. But that’s not a very attractive prospect, when you are on the tail end of a bout of Flu, and feel as weak as a kitten.

Even things that can be done inside are not getting done. Remember the expensive camera I got got for nothing from Amazon? Well other than a quick play with it to justify my review, I still have not set it up as I would like. What’s the point? I have no intention of taking it out to photograph rain.

And as some things get fixed, others keep breaking. The printer can wait, as I cannot muster the will to try to fix it. Then Julie took my car out today, and got a slow puncture. I do less than 4,000 miles a year, but the local neglected roads chew through at least two tyres a year on average. Something else to deal with, come Monday.

I could sit and type a list of all the things that need doing; from the simple mopping of the kitchen floor because of trodden in dirt and leaves, to routine paperwork that needs to be sorted out by the end of the month.

But truth be told, nothing’s getting done.

57 thoughts on “Nothing Getting Done

  1. Best wishes that you get your strength/stamina back soon, so even the rainy days, you feel up to tackling one durn thing that seems in need of doing – OR gets a ‘small’ to-do off the list so you feel the surge of temporary energy and happiness of, “Still worn out, BUT, I Got This! Done” – :).

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      1. Wonderful News of improving on the physical front! Hard to battle the ‘drolls’ of grey skies AND not feeling physically good, all at the same time, at least I find it so – – :). there are times I’ve said a prayer, “Please, could I be allowed to deal with one thing at a time? No? sigh…okey-dokey….” – – LOL

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  2. I’m staring at a forecast that promises much the same here as well, and the temperature is dropping 😦 I have jobs that I can do inside, but I have to agree its hard to get motivated when the weather is so miserable. Still we are having Sunday lunch cooked for us today as we visit family and I have little to do other than milk the goats and watch the same kids film for the tenth time πŸ™‚

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  3. There are times when we are so lazy or we just don’t feel well. It rains here every day too because we are under La Nina but only in the afternoon. I need to do more weeding when the sun shows its face again. Keep safe Pete.

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  4. The lingering malaise from the flu combined with the awful weather combined with the pandemic is too much for anyone. I am impressed that you got out of bed long enough to post anything. Good thing Ollie needs you or you might just hide for a couple of months.

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  5. I am sorry-17 days of rain? Are there any drought periods? If so, I would collect that rain. It is ok to rest, friend. Most especially after a flu. You have been in a “rough patch” for a while and I do so wish I could lift your spirits as raistlin said. I hope knowing that you have a friend living on a rabbitpatch, cheering you on helps a bit. x Michele

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  6. I didn’t click Like because I like that you are in the doldrums but to show I’m here and listening. I really hope the rain stops soon, Pete, as I can imagine how awful it must be. Well, I don’t have to imagine – living in Scotland I know how awful it is. We’re hoping for a good day tomorrow so maybe you’ll have better weather soon.

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  7. I know the feeling, and that in itself it can be debilitating. I find the trick is to make a list of what needs doing and then to pick just one thing each day or half-day or whatever and it gives a sense progress.

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  8. (1) Nothing done? I can hear Ollie barking in a panic. Translation: “Feed me! Feed me!” If you don’t, he’ll also end up feeling as weak as a kitten!
    (2) I’d like to see a photo of rain. I’ve forgotten what rain looks like. I think I even missed that lonely raindrop that plopped down here 173 days ago…
    (3) I haven’t changed tires in nearly eight years. The hot summer streets here in Las Vegas don’t do the rubber* any favors, believe me! How about a photo of those Norfolk roads that prefer chewing up your tires to chewing up the scenery? (*I wanted to erase “rubber” and write “tread” instead…but I don’t have a rubber.)
    (4) I prefer to put things off. As J. Wellington Wimpy always says, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” (I wonder what kind of boots he wears in the rain?)
    (5) Fun Fact: After warning the president that a blanket dam would be ineffective in holding back the Colorado River, a decision was made to heed a vacuum cleaner company’s advice to use concrete instead.

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  9. I’m sorry to hear that things right now are still so rough on your end Pete😒 I had hoped that at least with the. good news of the Covid test, things might finally begin to turn towards a positive side for youπŸ˜”
    All I can say is hang in there for now Pete. I just hope your health will improver, and the rain stops. Eventually things will get done again. And look at it this way: you did get something done: this blog post. It’s good that we know now, so we can try to lift your spirits: and I know everyone here that follows you is good at that, as we all like you a lot and want to see you happy!. So guess what? That’s two things done. Please take care my friend, things will turn brighter sooner rather than later😊

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