WordPress Glitches

Just to let you know, my blog has been suffering from some WP glitches this weekend.

Some followers have been appearing as ‘Anonymous’ when they have left a comment.

Using the notification sidebar to reply to comments has made those comments disappear, though my reply has appeared on the blog.

A few comments from regular readers have been found in the Spam or Trash folders.

I have been asked to approve comments from people who regularly comment, even if they do not contain links.

So if my replies are delayed, or your comment is missing, you know why.

43 thoughts on “WordPress Glitches

  1. It’s been more challenging recently to track down both “followers” and “likes’. WordPress has not been sending them to my GMail. There have been other small things that do not help when one is trying to focus on creating a decent post! Thanks for giving us all space to vent.

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  2. I’ve had a couple of anonymouses (who never reply to say who they are argh!) and couldn’t comment from the reader on a couple of blogs, but noticed thosse blogs were self hosted ones, the usual blogs were OK.

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  3. I can’t comment on my Ipad using my WordPress account any more but I can here on my desktop. While writing a blogpost if I choose a new Block and add text or an image it says I don’t have permission to save. If I close the site down and reopen, retype text I can save it!! So timewasting. I’m glad my other blog is on blogger.

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    1. The glitches do not seem to be getting any less with this new system. I am still using the Classic editor, and having issues with the notification sidebar. I also no longer get an email when someone follows my blog, despite having that option ticked.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. WP is full of glitches. When I use the app on my phone I can comment and like blogs and reply to comments in the notifications. But if I then try to view the post on the browser I am told that I am not logged in, so can’t comment!

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  5. Things have been glitchy for a few days when it comes to comments. There were also a couple of blogs this week where the comments wouldn’t load in the reader, or I could not even comment from the reader. Crazy times. Thanks for letting us know at least Pete😊

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